Friday’s Picture Roundup

Well the weekend is upon us and once again it is time for our weekly mega picture post. As always, we post images that we got during the week but did not use for one reason or another. Starting things off is Meagan Good who was seen out and about last weekend at the Canal Room in New York City. Meagan was spotted with Thomas Jones, who is rumored to be her new significant other. I would say they make a cute couple but I would be lying.. lol !

Here I have a few pics of Little Kim at some event. For the life of me I cannot remember where I got these images from or what event she is attending here. Still she looks good and her coat is fierce.

Lil KimLil Kim

The newly single Kerry Washington was spotted attending the premiere of Halle Berry’s new film, Perfect Stranger.

Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington

Next up we have Mya who performed at Giant Magazine’s party earlier this week.


Lastly, we have Beyonce who was spotted in New York earlier today.

More pics from Beyonce’s tour have been posted here.


  1. Meagn goes through men like J-Lo 😆

    Kim lool great and so does Kerry. It was sad her relationship fell apart. She seemed really in love with her ex.

    Mya looks like she gave quite a performance but when will the album come out?

  2. I’m sorry, Kim looks like a tragedy….a prime example of low self esteem. Mya looks great and so does Kerry. As for Megan…….. 🙄

  3. Sadly I think you are looking at future gospel stage play actresses all the way around with this one.


  4. Meagan and Kerry have some beautiful skin. I wonder if it’s genetic or just a great skincare regimen? I would love to know their secret. These two women are gorgeous. :brownsista:

  5. Thank u so muchhhh for having added those Meagan’s pics!! 😀 She looks perfect, and i agree with u about the fact that they would make a nice couple!

  6. Regarding skin care something as simple as drinking clean water will help. You truly are what you eat.

  7. Meagan’s man looks like he could really hurt somebody lol. She looks cute tho.

  8. meagan’s dating thomas jones, the guy from the NY Jets…..Ok. they do look nice together. he CAN hurt somebody. lol

  9. damn i get hot loooking and sexual chocolate… the game said megan good is another jump off like vida and melissa ford…. ive seen TJ with vida before…

  10. Stop hating people-maybe its just two people who enjoy each other’s company!! Always gotta hate when u see two beautiful people together, esp. when they got some money. Sooo typical.

  11. [quote comment=”5719″]meagan’s dating thomas jones, the guy from the NY Jets…..Ok. they do look nice together. he CAN hurt somebody. lol[/quote]He could hurt somebody alright, with his face :lol2:

  12. See this is the ish I be talking about when I be talking!!!!! Mya!!! Mya!!! Mya!!! “Baby where hav eyou been for the past 10 years? Under a rock?” I’m a Mya fan, I love her. But has she not listened to the radio or watched a lick of tv in the past 6 months at the least? Why would you put out that song, come out with that look, and do this terrible 1994 promotion??????? Bringing a knife to a gun fight! Alicia Keys took heed and pushed her album back. This is why we can’t get rid of Beyonce. Becuase of artist that don’t care. On the real these artist that come out are the stuck up ones not Beyonce. They expect us to buy this crap and it can’t even stand up next to the artist we trying to replace. I guess she’s irreplacable.

  13. Wow I haven’t been here in a while. The site has changed. Anyway I like Megan’s man. I love a big, strong, muscular man. He kind of reminds me of Ving Rhames.

    Kim looks like…….hell I don’t know. She’s just wrong.

  14. ok-Rhonda needs to get a man or woman of her own!!
    STOP HATING RHONDA!! its obvious ur pic will NEVER be on here w/ another nice looking man/woman-whatever ur preference. Change that attitude-its not cute-AT ALL!!

  15. if meagan thinks that guy is attractive then thats her business. everybody’s not attracted to the same type of people! he’s not my type either but im not gonna bash meagan’s choice..if she’s happy thn we should be happy 4 her! :mrgreen:
    im glad that kim is out and about and trynna get herself back into people’s radars (she fell off for a minute…we all know why). :thumbsup:
    wow, mya’s still performing? :confused: news to me! but good luck girl!

  16. mispelled a word in previous entry!! sorry! it should be THEN instead THN!!! :mrgreen:

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