Friday’s Picture Roundup 6-08-07

It has been a very busy week for many of our celebrity sistas and we have got the pics to prove it. From Alicia Keys and Meagan Good to Naomi Campbell, we have singers, actresses and models covered in this week’s picture round up. From gallery updates to candids, this week’s scoop has a little bit of something for everybody. First up is Rihanna who has had an extremely busy week. The sista performed on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday and also found the time to stop by Kanye West’s birthday party, as well as the Cartier Love Bracelet party. Check her out below performing Umbrella with an- umbrella- lol.

@ the Cartier Love Bracelet Party.

Check out the pages below for pics of Alicia, Mariah, Meagan, Naomi and Kelly.


  1. Rihanna looks thugged out in the performance pics. Love them. She looks fabu at the Cartier party too. I love the bob and the dark polish. I remember when that color was hot and I still rock it on my toenails.
    Meagan Good is a freak. If ever I needed proof those pics are it.

    Alicia and Mariah look decent. Naomi’s long hair is very retro.

    Kelly Rowland as always is cute and looks very nice in the King photos I saw of her on another site. She kept classy and youthfully sexy. The pics on the inside were better than the cover pic I think.

  2. Megan should know that an acting career is all about image and Hollywood is a lot more critical for black women. I mean, have your fun and go to clubs but don’t wear that kinda stuff, not cute.

  3. Can someone tell me what’s up with Megan’s eyebrows? Are they drawn in? Tattooed in? or what? I think she’s a pretty woman, but her eyebrows….she always looks as if she’s had botox with those things so jacked up on her forehead. If you look at a picture of her in Eve’s Bayou compared with what we see before us today, you can see what I’m talking about. It’s like the penciling in of the brow doesn’t follow the natural brow-line…….. :confused:

    Everyone looks good. I wish I had their money…ALL OF IT 😆 Thanks for the images!

  4. Alicia Keys has been looking so soft and pretty lately. Kelly Rowland is gorgeous as always, but does it look like her big toe on her left foot is not polished :confused: . Rhianna looks great. I am still loving her new look. Megan goode? All I have to say is Bimbo. I’m sorry she looks like a floosy 85% of the time 🙄

  5. I’m in love with Meagan’s eyebrows. Yes I know most people hate them but I love thin drawn on brows 😳

  6. Naomi is fabulous!

    Meagan’s body is on point but I hope this is an old photo because one bend of the knee and those jeans will expose her goodies.

    Kelly is the definition of ‘cute’

    Rhianna looks good.

    I want Mariah’s shoes. Seriously folks, where can I get a pair of shoes like that – oh so fly!

  7. I didn’t notice MC’s shoes, but you are right prettyparker, they are fierce. I pretty much see this style of shoe everywhere. You know Mariah has on an expensive pair by some big name designer but I’m sure you should be able to find a similar pair reasonably priced ( $100 or less) at your local mall.

  8. @ Afrai, yeah that’s kinda old but at least those who didn’t see it will see. I’ve never been a fan of him anyway, but if that ain’t cooning I don’t know what is.

  9. Meagan was @ the Like Mike Premiere! But i don’t know when it happened!! She was with her cousin, Morgan Smith too 🙂

  10. All of them look cute but Meagan outfit is questionable.

  11. [quote comment=”8322″]Rhianna can’t sing!!![/quote]
    I :thumbsdown: know 10 girls in my church that can out sing her anyday

  12. She was on the today show,U can tell when they sing live if they can sing…AND believe me baby she can’t.. :koolaid:

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