Full Court Beauty

LaLa Vasquez – Anthony seems to have it all! With a beautiful family, wildly successful career in the entertainment business, her own reality show and obviously a fabulous makeup artist, LaLa is the picture of modern sexy. Take a cue from this basketball wife and get full court beauty!

Begin with a light-weight moisturizer, this will allow your foundation and concealer to blend evenly throughout your face. Use a loose powder to mattify skin for a long-wearing coverage. Buff a shimmering rose toned blush onto the full cheek.

Want soft sexy eyes? Begin with a shimmering bronze eyeshadow base. Apply to the lower eyelid and into the crease. Blend eyeshadow through the lid. Line inner rims of the eyes and upper lash line with a deep bronze eyeliner pencil. Add 4-6 coats of black, waterproof mascara.

Define your smile by using your liquid foundation as a base. Apply the base through the lips, line with a flesh toned lip liner. Blend a fleshy pink lipstick to the full lip.Now you’ve got the play by play to full court beauty, you game?!

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  1. I LOVe this ladies make up advice! I just started practicing wearing make up and her language is so simple for me to understand. I have found for my extremely oily and acne prone skin its best to skip foundation and apply basically powder only and touch every now and then. It really scared me a couple months ago when I first started practicing but I found the best part of make up is learning the basic rules, applying them, and then adjusting and bending them to make myself happy and satisfied 🙂 also, when I see someone with make up I admire, I ask them what they use or do and explain I am learning. Never met a lady I have asked who wasn’t flattered and happy to help. That’s how I learned the powder only trick. I love learning how to be more feminine. Lol

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