Gabrielle Sighting+Reality Show News

Gabrielle Union Actress and soon to be Executive Producer, Gabrielle Union, was spotted over the weekend coming and going from the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, California. Gabby has been in the news a lot this week as reports say the actress will file suit against the blog that published what she says are false claims about her. Never a fan of urban blogs, Gabrielle has rallied against them numerous times- most recently in Essence Magazine and again in an interview with Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight.

Not one to let a little rumor keep her down, HLN reports the actress is set to to executive produce a reality show for VH-1. Revolving around women who have children by famous men- look for this dramady to hit airwaves in early 2010.


  1. i love Gabby but that show has “baby mama drama” written all over it. Clearrly look at the premise “Revolving around women who have children by famous men”. That does NOT say women who are MARRIED to famous men. I hope she’s not anywhere involved with this would-be stereotypical show.

  2. Gabrielle is one gorgeous woman. I heard the show is suppose to star Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama and Tiny, T.I.’s “wifey.” Yes, it will probably be stereotypical. This is VH-1 after all..

  3. I like VH1 but they are more known for their reality shows that showcase negative stereotypes of every race and ethnicity, than for video hits. But it appears that this is what sells. If people like me did not watch, then they could not keep churning these type of shows out. I wish Gabby the best because I really love her work and she is definitely beautiful.

  4. i’ll believe she’s suing when i can read the document. that’s just something celebrities say when it’s true.

  5. Vh1 is bored because their #1 star new york is boring people and they wanna find someone else!

  6. Not too keen on yet another reality show, but congrats to Gabby. Oh and I love, love, love that purse!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Does this woman age?! Seriously, this woman has a face and bod to die for. She’s always been pretty to me, even back in “Bring It On,” but she’s gotten better with age! Black women are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  8. Oh shut up Gabby!

    If you didn’t stay club hopping and hoing the blogs wouldn’t be talking about you, if you can’t handle the pressure stay in the house.

  9. Gabby looks soooooooooooooooooooo good. Wow. Much success to her. :thumbsup: .

  10. Torya, the bag is made by Coach and it’s $578. It’s not this season, so it may be a little hard to find. Also, does anyone know who the designer of the jeans Gabby is wearing? I am trying to find (and buy) them. Thanks!

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