Gabrielle Dennis Joins Fox Drama “Rosewood”

FOX ROSEWOOD CAST-1_FotorWhile enjoying my advanced preview of several Fox shows (which won’t be available to the public until they air in the fall) I discovered that actress Gabrielle Dennis, best known for her role as Janay on The Game, has landed a co-starring role in the new drama Rosewood, which stars The Perfect Guy actor Morris Chestnut.

Gabrielle plays Pippy, sister, and personal assistant to her brother, Beaumont Rosewood Jr., a private pathologist who uses wildly sophisticated technology to help Miami PD solve crimes no one else can.

Since wrapping up her stint on The Game, Gabrielle has appeared in several television shows, including Franklin & Bash, Bones, Justified, and even Kelly Rowland‘s first BET pilot What Would Dylan Do?, which was eventually downgraded to TV Movie status, before being abandoned altogether.

Rosewood will debut on Fox this fall, most likely in September, but if you can’t wait that long for your Gabrielle fix, do hit up Netflix to check out her slew of straight to DVD films, including 2014’s Black Coffee with Darrin DeWitt Henson.