Gabrielle Develops New Show For NBC

Actress Gabrielle Union and X-Files writer/producer Frank Spotnitz are reteaming to develop a new series for NBC. The duo, which worked together on ABC’s short-lived Night Stalker during the 2005-2006 TV season, is developing a procedural for the Peacock, according to Variety. Spontitz will write the show and Gabrielle, best known for her role in Bring It On, will star as a detective who must race to save someone’s life before it’s too late. The project is a collaboration by Union and Spotnitz and will be produced by Universal Media Studios. Right now however Gabrielle can be seen starring in Cadillac Records, which opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, December 5th.

Here the actress is below attending the New York premiere of the movie with her Mom.



  1. Congrats! SO Proud of our black women!
    Idk she was in Cadillac Records also.

  2. I hope Gabrielle doesn’t stop making movies. I want to see her in more Black Romantic Comedies.

  3. I’m actually not a fan of Gabrielle’s work… To be honest, if I know she’s in something I usually don’t watch it. Or maybe it’s that she’s just usually in stuff I don’t want to watch anyway. But after reading critics saying that she should have had a bigger part in Cadillac Records, I’ve been rethinking her… Maybe she’s an okay actress??? I even read a few seconds ago that she steals the show…

  4. @majah I heard that she stole the show as well. I think I am going to see this movie. I like History for one. I love to learn about black artisist that open the door today for these artisist. That is just fascinating to me what they were going through, but, you could never tell when they performed or you saw them in pictures.

  5. I love Gabrielle Union. I was sorry that Night Stalker didn’t make it as a show. I can’t wait for her new show.

  6. Stephanie I am so sorry for changing the subject in the thread I know you hate that. But I have to say why isn’t Jazmine Sullivan mentioned on this blog. She has just been nominated for 5 grammies. That is just crazy not to have her mentioned. Again, I apologize.

  7. I like Gabrielle. All of the reviews for Caddilac Records have been about Beyonce only. Beyonce is hoping for the kind of attention and praise that Jennifer Hudson received for Dreamgirls. It is sad, because the movie is not even about Etta James and from what I hear, she sings more than she acts in this movie. Not fair to the other actors and actresses in the movie who have to take a back seat to the big name superstar.

  8. Shell, I watched the Night Stalker with Gabrielle Union in it and I was so so sad to see it cancelled. She made the show worth watching because she balanced the character Kolchak (I forgot his real name, but I know he is Charlize Theron’s boyfriend). I know she is going to do good, because she along with Nia Long and a few other actresses have spoken about their displeasure at being basically being ignored because of their skin color. So it is nice to see someone taking a chance and casting her in a role that she may have been denied before.

  9. Lord with Beyonce-mania and my craziness over Jazmine Sullivan’s nods, I forgot to respond to this! Kudos to her! This sounds interesting.

    @ surabi,

    Stuart Townsend….sexy m.f. LOL I’m going to have to see if they’ve released that show on DVD; if so, I’ll definitely rent it as I didn’t get the chance to watch it from before. Stuart also starred opposite Aaliyah in “Queen of the Damned”.


  10. :hifive: Ok Gabrielle biggest movie was not bring it on was it??? If so that is truly sad…. She is such a talented actor and has played some really great role. I loved her in the deliver us from Eva, Daddy’s little girls etc, etc. :brownsista:

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