Gabrielle Douglas Wins Gold

Sixteen year old American gymnast Gabrielle Douglas made history earlier today, becoming the first African American woman to win the Gold medal in the women’s gymnastics individual all-around. She also became the first American gymnast ever to win Gold in both individual all-around and team all-around at the same Olympics.

With two Gold medals under her belt, Gabby has the opportunity to take home two more when she takes part in the finals for the uneven bars on August 6th and the balance beam on August 7th.

Congrats to Gabrielle. I hope she knows Brown Sistas all over the world are rooting for her.

Above: Gabrielle’s Time Magazine cover story and photo shoot.

Can you say fierce?


  1. Wow!! so proud of her!! congrats! and yes she is FIERCE!!!!

  2. yes! yes! so inspired by this beautiful young lady. its amazing what such strength and positivity can do. God bless her and her team! even though im from Canada and Nigeria….

  3. Yes go gabby and um did anyone notice how they tried to leave her hanging when they won the team gold the four of them hugged and the camera zoomed in on the four, then to make things worse they did a team interview and one of the girls bust out laughing while she gave her two cents about how she felt of winning team gold and funny thing the one who laughed got knocked out of winning a medal so last laugh on her…team gabby

  4. saw an article on how folks are talking about her hair on twitter and guess who the biggest critics are?…..sadly it is black women.

  5. Go Gabrielle! She is so fabulous and a lovely representative for her peers. I am proud proud proud of her. Can’t wait to buy boxes of cornflakes for my Girl Scout Troop!
    Peace, Naj

  6. Great pics that I’ve seen posted, really good! Congrats to this new superstar and I’m to seek she has no problem addressing people and their foolery!

  7. Sometimes we as black women are our worst enemy its really disturbing to push such an insecurity on a child. Especially a child who is bringing pride to our community.

  8. @ Blacksista – It just goes to show how Superficial these women can be and would tear down a young, confident aspiring young woman who is such an Inspiration!

    They should be ashamed. I am sure many of them sit at home on their behinds watching tv and get some1 to pray to get their hair and nails done!

    Gabby has talent don’t you guys worry about her Hair! Also @Brownsista when you said Rooting for her i wasn’t sure if you were referring to that as well!

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