Gabrielle & Dwyane Share Their Love

As you all well know by now, actress Gabrielle Union is covering the February issue of Essence magazine alongside boyfriend, Miani Heat guard, Dwyane Wade.

The two pretty much open up about everything, including their controversial romance, and Gabrielle’e thoughts of Dwyane’s ex-wife Siovaughn.

Excerpts below…

Gabrielle on why their Twitter followers are so supportive of their union: “We realized there is a void in images of Black love- and let’s be really real- that has a lot of melanin. We’re a couple who undeniably come from two Black parents each. And when that kept coming up we started thinking ‘Wow, this is a little bigger than us and maybe we have more of a responsibility than just enjoying each other. Maybe it’s okay to share a little of ourselves.’”

Dwyane on what he loves about Gabrielle: “Her smile for starters. It lights up my day. I thank her so much for just waking up every morning happy. She doesn’t wake up with an attitude.”

Gabrielle on her original perceptions of Dwyane: “At first I assumed we’d have nothing in common, but once we started talking and texting it was like ‘Whoa, who are you?’ I thought you were like 12. Once I got to understand his background, I came to realize that he’s basically Isaac Hayes trapped in a twentysomething body. He is an old soul.”

Gabrielle’s response to if she understands why Dwyane’s ex-wife Siohvaughn might be mad at her: “No I don’t understand it at all. If I were the first person he dated once they got separated, maybe I’d understand that. But I wasn’t even in the first wave of women he was talking to. You’ve got a reason to cry, but I’m not the one making you cry.”

Gabrielle & Dwyane on potential wedding plans: “ No wedding bells. We’re not rushing it, Dwyane says. Adds Gabrielle, When it happens it’s going to be something that only our friends and family know about. That is unless E! Network comes with the right number, of course.”


  1. Well alrighty then….lol at her not being in the first wave of women. Keeping it real..

  2. Bought this issue. Gabby is so gorgeous! That yellow dress is killer!

  3. They seem like really cool down to earth people. And she keeps it real, I likes dat!

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