Gabrielle & Holly Are “Football Wives”

Football Wives Remember waaaay back in January when I told you guys Gabrielle Union had signed a six figure deal with ABC and Touchstone Pictures to develop shows for their network? Well the time has come and Gabrielle has brought Holly Robinson Peete, Brian White and Ving Rhames on board to star alongside her in the new drama, Football Wives. And though ABC passed on the show for the 2007 season, the show has been picked up for the 2008-2009 season. Gabrielle will play a not so nice up and coming pop singer who latches herself onto Brian’s White’s character and gets on his mother’s (Holly) bad side in the process.

Promo shots of the cast can be seen on the pages below and look for the show to possibly debut as a mid-season replacement in early 2008.


  1. Network television is dead for Black people. I watch so little of the major networks that I cannot tell you what comes on when. I am more likely to watch shows with us in them if they come on Showtime or HBO. I wish someone would create another Soul Food cause I sure do miss it.

  2. I’m sorry isnt this already called “The Game”??? Thats sad for CW…

  3. This is remake of the Bristish version and is not a comedy. It’s grittier and tad bit freaky too I believe.

  4. Yeah, the already have a show like this on the CW. I lobe “The Game”. The cast is funny and more attractive than the people in this show. They really copied off the game. I hate when networks allow copy-cat shows.

  5. I don’t think it’s going to be as freaky as the British version because of you know, American censors and the fact that our NFL players and their WAGS don’t have a “chav” reputation like football/soccer players and WAGS do over there. But I’m happy the show was picked back up by ABC so that Gabrielle, Holly and Lucy Lawless (Xena!) can be seen weekly. 😆 Hopefully the NFL didn’t force the writers to change anything as a condition of allowing it to air.

  6. This is messed up. Why are they making the ‘minority focused’ shows so similar. They are setting this show and The Game (a great show) up for failure with them being so similar! 🙁

  7. Hooray finally a black televison saviour…I never watched national tv just because there were no ppl of color in any Major roles. But i guess i will support this show.

  8. And BTW, this is NOT a “black” TV show. Gabrielle, Holly, Ving and Brian are part of an ensemble cast that includes Lucy Lawless, Eddie Cibrian, James Van Der Beek, and Kelly Monaco among others. FW is a drama. The Game is a comedy that is considered to be a “black comedy”. Two different types of shows with two different types of drama.

  9. Derek Jeter must be happy. His girlfriend has a show coming out

  10. Some of you all believe anything. Derek Jeter is not dating Gabrielle Union. One look at his past dating choices should let you all know Gabby is not his type.

  11. This is wonderful news. When can we expect ABC to make an annoucement. I thought Football Wives was dead when it wasn’t picked up for the 2007 season.

  12. Why do people act like Gabrielle ain’t a working actress? She had Daddy’s Little Girls earlier this year and The Perfect Holiday is coming up next. Her IMDB profile shows her to be one of only a handful of sistas who stay with a job. Don’t let the party pics fool ya, Gabrielle stay on her game.

  13. ok so im sooooo very pleased for kelly monaco about time this actress got something better than GH!
    we in england have this show and its not a comedy nor a drama its gritty stuff and extremely outrageous but thats why us brits love it

  14. I haven’t seen that news anywhere in the trade papers. Do you mind telling me what is the source who told you this…please tell me this is real…

  15. The Game is a pretty cool show. You KNOW national stations will NOT do an all black cast..and the show does not look like it is all black. I don’t know if I am even feeling the story line to this thing… :loser:

  16. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Wow GOOD FOR HER! Love Gabby and I see Brian Whyte YEAH! GOod for them.

  17. :confused: ooppsie- sorry bout my comment above, was just being sarcastic/funny.
    It’s funny, you (rather I) try to comment w/o upsetting ppl but… no dice! Maybe, I’m too old for this blogging thing

  18. Hold on! Whats the source? No other websites are reporting this, and believe me, it were picked up, it would be BIG news. Only a couple of internet blogs are reporting the same story. I haven’t heard anything from any official sites. I don’t think Football Wives was picked up.

  19. Footballers Wives was created YEARS before The Game, including Holly Robinson Peete’s character Jackie (originally played by Gillian Taylforth). They are completely different shows with NOTHING in common. FW is more like a cutting edge version of Dynasty.

    You guys should check out the british version. It’s fabulous, tons of fun and has lots of diversity. The final, fifth season, has a great black couple, Liberty (a supermodel) and Tremaine, a footballer who recently got out of prison. They were tons of fun.

    I don’t think the American series will be as good because the show is too edgy. Not just storylines, but it had full frontal male nudity, female nudity, the lot. Actually, in the UK series, Holly Robinson Peete’s character had a hermaphordite baby.

  20. I’ve never watched Football Wives but I am happy to hear that I am not the only who loves The Game on CW. Its created by the same person responsible for Girlfriends. I am however a fan of Brian White he is fine but, so is Pooch Hall (Derwin). From what I’ve read the storyline are somewhat alike. I am rooting for both but, bias towards The Game

  21. I’m not sure how this will do compared to the British version. Some shows taken from the British concept have done well and some, not so great. I’m not into television all that much but I’d probably watch if my schedule allows.

    Nne, F^@K what others think about your comments and/or how they take it!!! You have the right to post your opinion just like everyone else. I can tell, from your first comment, that you were being funny. Let it be their problem if they don’t have enough humor to know that you were being sarcastic.

  22. Does, sounds like The Game, but like Chris said, they’re probably completely different. Won’t know until you watch. I’ll watch for Brian White alone who incidentally was a pro baller.

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