Gabrielle Reads+Sistas Supporting Hip Hop

Actress Gabrielle Union took time out from her busy schedule to participate at the Los Angeles Public Library’s “Jumpstart Read for the Record” event. Gabrielle is presently prepping for her role as Geneva Wade in Cadillac Records, a film that pairs her up with fellow actress Chyna Layne and singer Beyonce Knowles. In the meantime rapper Eve along with Mc Lyte, Joy Bryant, Estelle, and others, came out to show their support of hip hop legends at the 2008 VH1 Hip Hop Honors. This year’s honorees included De la Soul, Naughty By Nature and the great Slick Rick. I don’t usually do the fellas on Brown Sista but I am tempted to upload Slick Rick’s performance. The brotha was one of the baddest rappers ever and he makes me miss 80’s hip hop.


  1. Everybody is reading Corduroy to little children these days. Hmmm.
    I still have my copy of the book and I still have the bear…. waaayyyy back from 1982. WHOA!

    Awww, how I miss 80’s hip-hop. Slick Rick was and still is the truth. You should upload it Stephanie! I feel like doing the wop!! 🙂

    Eve looks pretty w/ her sorta retro look

    Joy Bryant looks so pretty. Good job :thumbsup:

  2. Gabrielle is presently prepping for her role as Geneva Wade in Cadillac Records,
    I thought the film was done?

  3. Nope. IMDB syas the movie is still in the pre-production stage and it probably is. No info can be found on this movie at all. I know. I have been searching for months. No official website. No pics of anyone but Beyonce have been seen. No pics of any other actor or actress in the movie has surfaced and no official release date has been date. Something is up with this movie and it probably ain’t good.

  4. i must say im really feeling eves look! wow she looks great and i think she finally found something that fits her….she should keep this look

  5. Is Gabby reading to children? Dressed like that?? Girl, put them boobies away! Aint nobody tryin to see all dat! 🙂
    Everybody else looks aight I guess. Same ole, same ole…

  6. Gabby is such a cutie! But her personality scares me sometimes (especially in her fims), other than that she’s alright with me.

  7. Gabrielle is one beautiful sista.

    Nicole Murphy’s body is sick.

    I love Eve’s look.

    MC Lyte looks just as she did 20 years ago.

    Estelle and Joy Bryant are both kind of blah.

  8. Nice movement , we need to promote education, all these kids now a day want to be entertainers or video models, what happens to reaching high ?

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