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Gabrielle Union One of my favorite Brown Sista actresses, Gabrielle Union, was spotted earlier this week dining at the exclusive reservations only restaurant inside the Château Marmont Hotel. Gabrielle recently made her return to the small screen on the now canceled NBC series “Life” and was recently cast to play Jessica Sharp, Brain Austin Green’s girlfriend, in the new CW pilot, The Body Politic. The bronze beauty is also rumored to be joining Ving Rhames in the upcoming film The Van Zandt Shakedown.

Check out the actress below signing autographs as she heads for her car.


  1. Has anyone ever noticed that famous Black women are almost always seen alone? Where are there men? Usually famous white women go places with men but sistas are always alone. Where are the men in their lives?

  2. @Dana- its sad but true. Successful black women have it alot harder in relationships its quite obvious. I’m sure a lot of men want to date Gabby but she’s always rumoured to be with them and never actually seen with any.

  3. Lol, Black femme celebs can’t win. Gabbyhas been labeled a garden tool, a home wrecker, etc just for taking pics with different men at parties/social events. I doubt she would get hit so hard if she were a non-brown sister.
    On the flip side I can’t even begin to count the amount of white female celebs who are typically photo’d alone or with other women; but I suppose they generally aren’t scrutinized the same.

  4. I love Gabby! She is very classy! :bowdown:

  5. Gabby is beautiful, but her career is at a standstill. The last thing I liked her in was Ugly Betty.

  6. The reason you don’t see any famous sista girls out there with any brutha’s is because they are trying to network, land roles. They are getting their hustle on and the last thing they want is for those agents and directors to see them with one of us on their arms. Now you all can cry foul and blah,blah,blah all you want. But it’s true. The majority of the time they are competing for a part in a movie or tv show that is written for a white female who usually has a love interest with a white lead male. Yall know it’s true. Sad, but true. They are with us away from the media but not with us around the media. Now you have a few that are out there, but they are usually in the music business. When those agents and directors see them with US on their arm they usually back off or go with someone else. Now if sista girl has a resume of co-starring with white male actors then they are a shoe in. Yall know that you are the white mans fantasy so the first thing they want to do is stick you in a sex scene or the male lead wants to have a sex scene whether it’s already in the script or not. Ya girl Zoe Saldana is the perfect example. Now she has done a few movies with a black male lead, but her resume has her paired up with more white than black. They even wrote that Lt. Uhura have a love interest with Cpt. Kirk which was never in the original movies. And forget about the tv show where they were supposed to kiss. Don’t count. Anyway my point is they went out of their way to write that the two be lovers in the movie. Anyway back to the topic that’s why you don’t see us on their arm in front of the cameras but hear about us on their arms. ( Now taking all excuses and denials)

  7. @Dana, The reason why you see many black female actors alone is because they are networking. They are trying to land those roles in tv and movies. The roles they are competing for are in mainstream movies and are written for white female actors to star opposite white male lead actors. So the last thing they want is those white writers, producers, and directors seeing them with a brutha on their arms. Hell if anything they want them single so they can try and holla. They are intimidated by us, as well they should be. Now there are some black female actors that are shoe-ins like Halle, Zoe, and Rosario. Their resumes have a long list of co-starring with white male actors in movies that include sex scenes. More in white movies than black. Let me add that. So no 9 times out of 10 you wont see any bruthas on their arms with the cameras popping, but you will hear about us. Now taking ALL excuses and denials.

  8. I love Gabby as well. I like to see her keeping on her grind.

  9. Awwww I love Gabby and she looks FAB 🙂 She seems so down to earth! OFF DA SUBJECT REAL QUICK…..Whats been up with Nia Long??? Stephanie, could you find some updates on my girl Nia?!!

  10. :iagree: with the posts 2 from the bottom. Black actresses must appear to be marketable, and that means being comfortable with playing alongside nonblack men. Hollywood is fantasy, and the targeted audience wants to fantasize about celebrities. Remember, in Bad Boys 2, Gabby character was in love and dating Will Smith character, but in the movie they never had sex scenes or dating, but only shared 2 kisses. But, when she had to play the interest to the Cuban druglord, they had Gabby in a bikini on the beach with him, sharing Margaritas, walking on the beach, in the water, and him salivating over her, and falling for her, had him all over her at his house. But, the relationship she had with Will had nothing to validate it. But, in the directors defense, Gabby at more sexual chemistry with the Spanish actor anyway. So, it’s wants sells. I do believe that black women are “sex fantasy” for other men, and if she is seen as dating a black man in real life, she would be “BLACK”, and not an exotic sexy woman.

    But, to show people how white Hollywood disrespect black man possession(if that’s the right word to use) over black women, remember when Halle Berry gave the Oscar to that white actor , he knowing that her black husband was sitting in the audience, grabbed her and kissed her in the mouth. That was disrespectful, but because he was a white man, he was displaying his dominance over the situation. Poor Eric. But Adrien Brody gained major props from me, he MAN UP, THAT WAS SO HOT!. Sorry, I’m a bad girl. lol.

  11. White men buy the product, or is the targetted audience. So, when women who are label as sexy , the man want to see himself in a sex scene or love scene with them on camera. So,

    When they are on the red carpet alone or with a white man/nonblack man, they become marketable, because in the fans mind, they have a shot of being that woman’s type. They are no longer label as that “BLACK” actress apart of the black world, she is apart of their world, thus nonthreatening, and fantasing about her is cool. When Vivica Fox opened her mouth and said that she preferred black men, and married a rapper, dated another rapper, her price in Hollywood dropped, she became another black actress. It was too many white men trying to holler at her , and she rejected them, thus rejected her actual success.

    Just like in the modeling industry, Naomi and Iman or the top Supermodels in the game, and Iman married white, Naomi almost exclusively dates white or close to white, dated an arab.

  12. @Dana…it’s not just famous black women. I think it’s black women in general, at least around my area. I notice that too, when I see black women they’re usually alone or with a child(ren). Don’t get me wrong…I know that most times men are maybe working and that not everyone has to have on a ring but most of the time it’s like I stated before… ring, alone, or with kids. Maybe there’s a shortage of men in my area I don’t know…LOL, but it’s very obvious(not speaking from personal experience because I’m in a committed relationship). IMO black women just have it hard all together. – My two cents

    Love Gabrielle Union though

  13. Kudos to Gabby.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80S 4 EVER!!!

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