Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good Speak Out on Leaked Photos


“Think Like a Man” and “Deliver Us From Eva” actresses Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good have found themselves included in the latest round of leaked celebrity nudes.

Gabrielle’s photos surfaced online Saturday evening and Meagan’s quickly followed the next morning. Both women have released statements condemning the invasion of their privacy, with Gabrielle going so far as to say she will be involving the FBI.

As for Meagan, she was quick to let the world know that her photos were for her husband’s eyes only and that her heart went out the numerous other victims who have found their intimate photos splattered all over the worldwide web.

Interesting to note, that while Jennifer Lawrence’s photos seem to have almost been expunged from all major social networks online, photos of Gabrielle and Meagan are still freely floating around for all to see. Twitter publicly made a point of banning accounts that posted Lawrence’s pics, but last I checked Meagan and Gabrielle’s photos were still being posted and reposted at will.


  1. While I do not agree with these women having their private images stolen and plastered online, I cannot help but wonder why women continue to be so clueless. Where the nudie pics of their partners? Why didn’t Meagan’s hubby send her any dic pics? Why haven’t we seen Dwyane’s schlong yet? Could it be because men know better and they can’t be coerced into doing ish that they know will come back to haunt them one day? Come on ladies, be smarter than that. Stop allowing these men to coerce you into taking it off while they keep it on.

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