Gabrielle Union Covers Essence Magazine

Actress Gabrielle Union is once again gracing the cover of Essence Magazine. If you all remember, the bronze beauty was also featured on the December 2007 cover with fellow actresses Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan. Gabrielle caught a lot of heat for her comments about Black gossip blogs in that edition but this time around chose to keep the conversation a lot lighter, focusing instead on her new look and sharing her workout and beauty regimen with the magazine. Gabrielle, who will be appearing in Eddie Murphy’s new movie “Meet Dave”, said of her new shorter do “I felt fierce, fierce as the devil. I can already tell that people take you more seriously when they are not distracted by long curly locks. As for her workout regimen, the actress says “It’s about getting on the path to being the person you want to be. It helps you work out your issues and find your answers, which are usually pretty logical. Half the battle is just talking it out. There’s no point having amazing shoulders or ripped abs if you don’t feel like getting out of bed everyday. I’m loving the new cuts that are coming in–up my thighs, my arms. I love my abs. I definitely have more confidence, energy and stamina.”

More images from Gabrielle’s Essence shoot can be seen below and do support our dear sister by picking up the July edition of Essence Magazine which is on newsstands now.


  1. Love Essence. Love Gabrielle. Undecided about that haircut (or wig) though.

  2. Love Essence too! I think the new look does look fierce on her and that she right about how people take you seriously without the long locks and miles of hair. LOL. She looks good and I love her skin!

  3. it’s a haircut she discusses it in the article. i hate it. and i think essence needs to find some new cover girls.

  4. i don’t like her with short hair personally. I never thought Gabrielle overdid it with the weave though, I thought she was always very subtle with it and it looked very nice on her.

  5. Cute wig! I like it when celebs learn to switch it up. Now if I only had her body…

  6. Gabrielle looks good and healthy!!! I dont blame her for wanting to change her look. Some people think of hair as an acessory, so why not change whenever you feel like it. As we age, we want to look back at our pictures and see ourselves with different looks.
    You go Gabby, you look good girl!!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  7. I like the new ‘do…but then again Gabrielle would probably look good rocking any style. Not sure if this is a wig or whatever–either way it looks good. I would love to see more women retire all the wigs and weaves (at least for the summer). I am also glad to hear her promoting wellness and fitness. Keep being fabulous Gabby!

  8. If useless celebutards like Heidi Montag can get covers sobbing about fake engagements and stupid feuds, certainly Gabrielle can get a cover (on one of the few magazines in the country that have no issues with black people on the cover) talking about fitness and her new hair style.

  9. @ angela, never said that she shouldn’t. but gabrielle, who i adore was on the cover for essence 6 months ago. and as you said there are so few opportunities for black women. why does the essence cover seem to be in rotation of the same 7 women.

  10. I think she look good with short hair. I love her in Daddy Little Girl love that movie.

  11. I really think that Gabby can rock both styles when it comes to hair, be it long or short. She looks great and her skin is flawless. I luv her Essence cover as it showcases the beauty of The Black Woman.

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  12. Love Gabby’s hair short, it really fits her.

  13. She is soo pretty. I love her skin. She always looks flawless.

  14. i have always loved Gabrielle Union’s look- so fresh, glowing and natural. However, i must admit that i prefer her with the long locks.

    Still beautiful and most guys at my university always talked about the lead black cheerleader in the bring it on movie. I had to watch it just to know who they were talking about.

  15. Um….people already take her seriously…..she is 35 years old and a veteran actress. I don’t think it has anything to do with the hair. And Gabrielle has always played strong characters in a movie…..why top it with a strong look?

  16. MiMi,

    Girl, I’m with you on that one! And for all you haters out there I personally think her new look fits her perfectly. Besides, not everyone has the face for a short hair cut right? Gabrielle has ALWAYS played the strong roles. She’s a great example of what African American females should be looked at as today, and the fact that she’s 35 and doing her thing says a lot more.

    She kind of reminds me of my girl Bianca from the If Looks Could Kill Webisodes. Ever heard of it? If not you guys should really check it out. She’s like America’s next sheroe or something. And when I say she has it all, I mean everything a woman wants and more. I’m talking the dream job, the man who makes other women drool, and the spice to keep it all together.

    The first webisode was great. And her supervisor…Think Obama meets Tyson. Can you say Yummy? The cool part about it is that you don’t have to just sit and watch. Nope! You can get in on some of the action too by assisting Bianca in solving the mystery of her life. The best part is there are prizes that can be won each week! Log on to and participate for your chance to win a free Ipod Nano, Visa gift card, or even a Toyota Camry. Who can pass that up? The first episode got me hooked so I’ll definitely stay tuned in, especially if these prizes are involved.

    Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of the first episode. I’d love to read the feedback. This is going to be FUN!


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