Gabrielle Union Covers WMB Magazine

Actress Gabrielle Union is covering the second edition of WMB (World’s Most Beautiful) magazine. The 39-year old actress, who will next be appearing in Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds,” was lensed by photographer Nick Saglimbeni in both 2 and 3D.

The issue doesn’t hit newsstands until tomorrow, however we have exclusive images of the photo shoot and a few excerpts today.

Gabrielle on her insatiable drive to succeed: “It all started at home from a very, very young age. There was no such thing as a ‘B.’ There was no such thing as second place. There was no such thing as slacking. There was no such thing as passing the buck. We had to do our chores, we had to get good grades and we had to pull our weight. That kind of carried over into sports, school and my life, and now into how I train and work.”

Gabrielle on her quick foray into the world of modeling: “Mind you, I was still working at the UCLA bookstore for $6.16 an hour, and I was like ‘you think someone will pay me to stand around and smile?’ Because I knew I wasn’t Naomi; I wasn’t that delusional. I didn’t realize there were ranges of modeling and that someone could pay me more than I was making at the bookstore.”

Gabrielle on how her views on beauty have changed over the years: “Its way different than what I thought of as a kid, a teenager or in my 20s. Now I it’s having peace of mind and peace of body. And if those two things are working in conjunction, it’s absolutely stunning. So I find the most beautiful- male, female, young, old- are ones who have that balance of peace of mind and body. I think there’s a difference between being hot and being beautiful, and there’s a bit more substance to one.”


  1. Gorgeous Gabby! 🙂 I’ve never heard of this magazine…might have to give it a looksee with this issue.

  2. Absolutely beautiful photo-shoot!!! Gabby is truly gorgeous and truly represent brown sistas well!!! I hope she gets to do an action thriller with some mean wardrobe!!!

    Such a fashionista!!!

  3. She definitely is the world’s most beaustiful woman. She’s absolutely stunning. So proud.

  4. Cynthinia-I’m still waiting on Bad Boys 3! (which their supposedly suppose to start shooting soon)

  5. Gosh, Gabby is perfection. Don’t understand why she isn’t in more movies.

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