Covet Fashion App Enlists Gabrielle Union as Host


Gabrielle Union Goes Mobile as Host of the Covet Fashion App

Mobile styling app Covet Fashion has found their latest host in Being Mary Jane actress Gabrielle Union. For the next thirty days Gabrielle will act as the app’s featured star, and as such, users will have access to Gabrielle’s personal fashions and beauty tips, as well as an insider view into the actress’ day-to-day activities.

Gabrielle will be Covet Fashion’s second host, following in the footsteps of Emma Roberts who helped launch the app last month. Unlike other styling apps that highlight a single celebrity for their lifetime, Covet Fashion features a different host every month in an attempt to appeal to a larger and more diverse audience.

As for why Gabrielle, the app’s SVP, Blair Ethington, called the 43-year old beauty a “style icon who is driven, intelligent and an inspiring role model who motivates women with both her forward-thinking and her chic style.”

Gabrielle also sang the praises of the app, saying “I am absolutely thrilled to partner with Covet because it’s pioneering a new way to engage with my fans and share my passion for style while also giving them a glimpse into my very busy life.”

Gabrielle recently named Janet Jackson and Beyonce as her style icons, telling People “If an outfit doesn’t make me feel like Beyonce, it isn’t worth it. If I don’t feel like Beyonce or Janet Jackson, it’s like, what are we even doing here?”

The Covet Fashion app can be download via Google Play and the App Store.

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  1. I didn’t know fashion was so trans-formative. I’m missing out feeling like another woman when I wear my vestments. Yeah I’m being sarcastic. Her avatar looks just like her.

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