Gabrielle Union Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Gabrielle Union Finally ! I have had this pic (right) of Gabrielle Union for about six months now and I have been waiting for just the right moment to use it. Look at Gabby. She is like “Oh no she didn’t”. Girlfriend is giving off much attitude and once again it is aimed at the blogs. Apparently the sista is ticked off that rumors of her being pregnant with Dwayne Wade’s child have gone mainstream. The Chicago Sun Times, taking the word of a gossip blog (lol), actually printed that the sista was 37 and pregnant. Gabby then took to radio personality Egypt’s blog to dispel the rumor- both of them. Not only does the sista deny the pregnancy rumor- but Egypt let’s us know Gabby is a mere 36, not 37 as the daily reported.

Age discrepancy aside, you can read exactly what Gabrielle had to say below.

“Hey E!..Girl I love margaritas and my career too much for babies at this time”….”the Chicago Sun Times has been asked to print a retraction but clearly the truth didn’t make it as far as the lie”. Gabby also says “I’m not 37…let’s get the real deal out there. ” She’s actually 36 and in the best shape of her life. Gabby laughed the rumor off and said to me, “why would I get knocked up AND why would a bunch of ball players sit around talking about whose got mothering skills…the rumor was stupid and made no sense and your the first person to bother to fact check so thanks girl. I’m not ready for babies at this time. It’ll be years before I am! But big ups to all the women out there holding it down!”


  1. Wow, I know celebs lie, but these news outlets need to fact check before printing a story that they will later have to retract. I for one dont think Gabby is dating D-Wade. I mean he is going through a divorce. I would not want to be some rebound woman. 🙁

  2. gabby either shaved a year or her birthday is next week. and anyone sleeping with someone else’s husband should let this type of rumour roll off her back.

  3. gosh gabby, it’ll be years before you have a baby?? you ain’t THAT young. lol

  4. How come these people’s skin are so light in picture? Anyway, this is the first time I’m hearing this rumor. It’s good it’s not true but if it was, if the guy is single, I don’t see any problem with it.

  5. Good for her i guess? I mean it irks the hell out of me that women are not having children because of their so called career, your career your fans are not going to be there when you get old and need company sat down and have some babies! It’ s not like you can’ t take care of them, This isn’ t for Gabby but for women in general Married and all with no baby what kind of bs is that ? Keep on retarding motherhood the clock is ticking whether you are 30 and make us believe you’ re 21 The clock is ticking!

  6. That looks nothing like Gabrielle! WTH? Anyway, at least she’s not having kids before she wants them. I’m a big supporter of not having kids simply because you’re getting older. Does the kids no good to be in a mom’s life too early for her.

  7. I’m 34 going on 35 and proud, too.

    C’mon Gabby. YOU LOOK GOOD for 37!

    😆 😆 😆 :bag: 😆 😆 😆

  8. “i love margaritas and my career too much“

    does gabrielle union have an acting career? lol

  9. @ voices

    get a life ! not every black woman wants to be a baby momma…sober up!

  10. @ Voice sad

    Umm.. Who says that because you are a woman that you HAVE to have kids anyway???? She doesn’t HAVE to have kids if she doesn’t want… heck I say DONT HAVE KIDS.. All they do is hold you back…

  11. oliver and kimmie: First who the hell are you ? I was giving MY opinion did you see me talk to anybody? i just said my piece and bouced so sit the H down
    Oliver: if you had more respect for your race you will know that black women are not baby mamas we are mothers the term is mother with your half brained self, Second I believe that having kids is beautiful and is a must, for continuation, to leave a little piece of yourself once you’ re gone i guess, But that what voice think you don’ t have to agree with it or like it, I do not careuh! But don’ t attack me you hear me ? I have way more of a life that you ever will slow -ss

    Kimmie: I’ m not even going to waste time on your hood rat mentality self, if ya mama aborted the hell out of you she sure as hell would not have been held back now would she? and you wouldn’t be here getting on my nerves so i guess you’ re right with that statement

    Both of yall can kiss mine


  13. @ Oliver

    Gabrielle presently has a recurring role on television series “Life” and recently was also cast as Brian Austin Greens’ girlfriend in the CW pilot, “The Body Politic”.

    So to answer your question- yes, Gabrielle does have a acting career. :thumbsup:

  14. Hmmmmm news to me… never heard this rumor.

  15. @Kimmie

    I agree w/ you. Society has always told women that they HAVE to have kids, while men can do what they please. There is NOTHING wrong w/ a woman who does not want kids, @ least she is being honest w/ herself & her desires. I say to any woman don’t have children unless YOU want them… don’t have them b/c your man or hubby may want them( the guy can leave you & the baby too) & don’t have them b/c everybody else is telling you it’s your time( it’s THIER time not yours, you still may not be ready)… do it b/c it is something that you( ladies) want. If a lady goes thru all the motions & still feels like she doesn’t want kids, then I say she shouldn’t have them b/c @ the end of the day it will be HER that will be responsible for another life & one can’t be all willy nilly w/ that… I rather that she be happy & childless than a poor piss mother.

  16. I am 29 years old at the peek of my career . Married to the most beautiful man on earth, have a beautiful set of twins and expecting another one at the moment,I am happy and completed but without my children i hardly doubt i would be the woman i am today, A man i think i could still “do me” without a man but my children, They are my real accomplishments :hifive: No one will take that away from me, It hurts so bad when i see comments like “kimmie’s” If women were to think that way none of us would be there at this very moment, I’ m happy for Gabrielle if she is happy,But all i know is no matter how much degree i have, My real Pride reside in My children, so if Gabrielle’ s career gives her as much satisfaction as being a mother more power to her…
    I watch Life Every wednesday and My love for Gabby keeps on growing :bowdown:

  17. I sooo agree with DarkSista and besides she’s 36 and looking AMAZING!!! keep ya hater blockers on favorite! :bowdown:

  18. P.S. I am not saying that a woman should abort a child, but what I am sayin is that if the woman knows or feels that she does not want to procreate/have children she should take the steps of planned parenthood to prevent it i.e. Birth Control or other contraceptives.

  19. I am actually one of those who believes that children are not just an accomplishment or a commodity, something to take loneliness away once you are old. Every woman has a right to make decisions that make them happy and not those around. Because when u are happy, u then affect those around u positively.

    Children should be had only when the mother decides they are ready for all that a child involves. If u r being forced into it by society, boyfriend/husband and family, then u will not be any good to the child.

    I also don’t believe that all women were meant to be mothers. Children should not be a force or a mistake but rather a choice.

  20. :loser:

    People assume that a woman in her late thirties does not have children because she’s being selfish and or just don’t have a man or a husband. Maybe it’s beyond her choice. Some women, regardless of age, can’t have children or would just like to be married first.

  21. @ voice

    if you had any respect for the black woman then you wouldnt encourage people to have kids out of wedlock either, gabrielle union is not married, having a kid now will make her a “babymomma“ ….

    that is what you call a wackass career

  22. I heard you blame and Lizz but what I think and that’ s me again as you know i always see gray when people see green, What i think is a woman should have children that’s what i think, I’ m not forcing my choice on anyone else, i hate when people try to do that to me so i’ m not going to do it to someone else, But i think women should have children, Now if you decide not to that’ s on you, But somewhere down the line i think that choice will be a regret, But again that’ s voice you don’ t have to agree with it
    I still love you and lizz :hifive:

  23. @Voice

    LOL… hey if that’s what you feel that’s what you feel… you have that choice/right. But I just wanted to bring out the other point of view, you know.If a woman says she doesn’t want kids, the world will end, but if a man says it, there’s no problem, which is another huge double standard in this society. Truth to be told all women don’t live to be mothers. I know this for a fact b/c I am one of them. It has been that way since I was a lil girl & it hasn’t change much for me in my late twenties. I never had a desire to have children & if I do have one, it prolly will be just that…one b/c the desire is a minium to barely existing. And I too will prolly do it late in life, but not too late b/c my nerves will be bad lol. If it gets too late well there will be no children. I hate when OTHER ppl try to tell me what I should do in that situation, when IF I were to have a kid it would be ME & the father raising it. At the end of the day, no one has to deal w/ the child rearing, but YOU, so I advise ANY woman make sure that YOU want the kids & NOT everybody else. But seriously there are no hard feelings Voice :hifive: .

    @Rizza… I agree 1000%.

  24. You can make another argument. I believe that I have an uterus so I can have kids. Not that having kids is the only thing I am asked to do but God himself requested his children to have kids. I am pregnant with my first and I’ve never been happier. I don’t think women are selfish if they don’t want kids but I believe that 99.9% of hollywood women don’t want/have kids cause they are focused on their career. How come most Hollywood actresses wait till their 40’s to have kids? Cause most of them hang on to their career and think that kids will always come. I always remember Halle Berry before she had her daughther saying that she was afraid she missed on motherwood and it was always her dream to be a mom. Hollywood women are however lucky cause even if they decide to have kids late in their lives, they can afford fertility treatments and several procedures. Is it a coincidence that most of them have twins these days? But for average folks, well the clocks ticks and ticks and one day it will stop. It’s a choice really. If you are happy without kids, good for you. I will tell you one thing though, if someone asks me to trade all other things for my son (coming this July), I will do so in a second. Well, that’s me.

  25. Blame it : I hear you sista :hifive:
    coco: Congratulations :bowdown: my sister is pregant with her second set of twins and god is she a b-tch Lool

  26. Check this out, y’all. This is what Oliver calls a “wacka$$ career”:
    Gabrielle Union originally went to the University of Nebraska. She wanted to be a doctor, but that didn’t work out and so she dropped out. She then came to Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA with her degree in Sociology.
    Her acting career started in teen movies like “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Love And Basketball”. Her break-out movie was “Bring It On”.
    TV-wise, early in her career, she would make guest appearances on “Sister, Sister”. Recently, she was a cast member on the CBS drama, “City Of Angels”, been cast in NBC’s “Life”, “Night Stalker” (ABC ?) and done guest appearances on ABC’s , “Ugly Betty”.
    Her other movie credits include:
    “Deliver Us From Eva”
    “Bad Boys II”
    “Breakin’ All The Rules”
    “The Honeymooners”
    “Daddy’s Little Girls”
    “The Perfect Holiday”
    “Meet Dave”
    “Cadillac Records”
    “Wacka$$ career”, Oliver? Sounds like she’s gettin’ paid! :thumbsup:

  27. @voice this my 1st comment on this post….but i agree 100% with rizza….i’m 26,childless, single,have a lot of time in my hands coz i work smart not hard and financialy stable.I’m not sure if i want kids or not,just not ready for that kind of responsibility yet.I admire women who have kids coz it takes a lot of strength,courage and unconditional love….i know time flies and i will be 30 in 4years time and i have to decide realy soon but i dnt want to have kids for the sake of having kids….i love babies with all my heart and i know that if my heart decides to be a mum i will be a super mom.

  28. I am tired of people thinking that if someone wants children, they want them for the sake of having them. Have you all thought that maybe there are people out there who really want children because they have a lot of love and care to give? I have been married for 4 years before I got pregnant with my first child. We planned the pregnancy and we did it not because we thought “what else to do” but we did cause we love each other and we WANTED to have kids and HAVE a family.

  29. lizz and coco: You both make a lot of sens :hifive: :brownsista:

  30. Leave Gabrielle alone! A woman doesn’t need kids to complete her life. No offense to anyone, but that ain’t for everybody. I am 37 and single and not worried about kids in the least. If I meet a man who’s worthy enough to marry me and father a kid then so be it. Plus God’s timing is what counts , not some n0nexistent biological clock!

  31. I heart CoCo and Voice. RIght on!

    I don’t care if Gabby was 101, she looks BEA-U-TI-FULLL! I want to be like her when I grow up (as far as looks, lol).

    But CoCo, the problem was that supposedly D. Wade was having an extramarital affair with her when this ‘so-called’ child would have been conceived. On another note, that is why writing and posting celeb gossip is sketch, there are little to no facts unless you are part of select circles in NYC or LA.

  32. @Coco

    The point that some or making is that NO you may not be that person, but some ppl DO have kids just for the sake of having them. YOU want your baby, your NOT doing it b/c EVERYBODY else said or suggested that it was time.. you along w/ your hubby made a the decision that you BOTH wanted the baby. But there are alot of ppl who have kids b/c someone maybe pushing them to. Also ppl are just saying just like they respect your wishes to have kids, please just respect that some ppl don’t really have that wish. Don’t beat the woman down if she’s says that’s not her desire b/c just like you chose to make the step your making, so is she :brownsista: .

    P.S. When I say “Beat down” I mean giving the woman nasty looks are talking down on her decision. No I am not saying you do that, but just giving a example.

  33. How can someone be “ikred” at another person’s decision that has zero affect on their lives? I mean seriously.

  34. Im 27 going on 28 and I knew at 18 that I didnt want children and I have not changed by mind. Voice, why would that irk you if someone chooses not to be a mom especially at this day and age! Not everyone who has kids should have kids and actually it would be more selfish for me to bring a baby into this world based on my situation. I dont dislike kids, however motherhood isnt for me and there are other things that I can bring to this world besides that. Obviously women have to have babies to keep this world going but more than enough are, I dont need to do it as well. Sometimes I think mothers are jealous of women wtih no kids. They love their kids but still get jealous of the freedom that we have. Ive never been a “follow the leader” type of person and just cause everyone else has them doesn’t mean I have to. As far as when im old and gray and being alone, I never actually FEEL alone since I have my lord and savior and in all honesty I see so many ungreatful children that the mothers that I personally know, are the most alone on the inside.

  35. callme i was giving my opinions u dint have to agree im too tired to argue for real

  36. People don’t get it, Gabby is marketed in such a way that being leaked to a pregnancy could result in fewer movie options. Many times producers/ studios don’t want to work with a pregnant actress. Insurance. So, why are people leaking her to a pregnancy, while others spreading rumors about personal issues. If she says she isn’t pregnant, Gabby ain’t pregnant. Let, the sista act. Her personal life isn’t any of our concern.

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