Gabrielle Union for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine


Gabrielle Union Gets Real with Harper’s Bazaar

Actress Gabrielle Union is featured in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. The outspoken star of the hit BET drama, Being Mary Jane, holds little back in her interview with the glossy, openly discussing her disillusionment with American politics, the lukewarm reception of her film The Birth of a Nation, and why now, more than ever, she refuses to be quiet in the face of injustice.

Excerpts below…

Gabrielle on her never-ending struggle as a black woman and actress: “When do you stand up and point out every micro-aggression, and when do you stand down so you’re not the angry black person all the time? It’s tiring. It feels like another job that you’re not getting paid for—that is all encompassing.”

Gabrielle on American politics: “Nothing has changed. The venom has not lessened. Just being black has long been cause enough for vilification. Add being a woman to the mix—particularly in light of the election results, which has given us a president who ran an openly racist and misogynistic campaign—and it’s a straight garbage fire.”

Gabrielle on fellow actress Aja Naomi King and ‘The Birth of a Nation’ backlash: “I look at Aja,” (Aja plays Nat Turner’s wife, Cherry) “She so deserves people to see her performance. She’s such a feminist. She’s this young dynamo. This could have been her big break. This big job that gives her the accolades and attention that she deserves. It’s like we all got thrown out. It’s like the baby and the bathwater all went down the drain.”

Click here to read Gabrielle’s entire interview. Feel free to check out her photo shoot below. You can also view more pics on Harper’s Bazaar’s official Instagram page.

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  1. Stand down Gabby. Watch out for your own well being. You’ll find yourself putting your neck on the line for people who absolutely will not reciprocate. And let hateful ass white folks stew in their bigotry. They can’t see it, but their hate is damaging them Far more than it’s damaging us. As the saying goes, you can’t keep a man down without staying down with him.

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