Gabrielle Union Joins “Cadillac Records” Cast is reporting that Gabrielle Union has joined the cast of the Leonard Chess biopic, Cadillac Records. Union will play Geneva Wade, Muddy Waters’ girlfriend and later wife. Waters will be played by Jeffrey Wright while the lead, Chess himself, will be played by Adrian Brody. The film also features Beyonce Knowles, Mos Def, Columbus Short and Cedric the Entertainer. Chess was the founder of Chess Records, the company responsible for launching the careers of many blues musicians in the 1950’s and 60’s.

This film has officially become worth seeing to me now. Gabrielle is a great actress and if given a chance to shine I know she will. The addition of Columbus Short (Stomp The Yard) and Mos Def ( Lackawana Blues) is also a major plus for the film. Columbus can dance his behind off and anyone who saw Mos perform in Lackawana Blues knows he will be perfect in this film as well.


  1. I am just hearing about Mos. Hell to the yeah he is going to turn this out. When I first heard Cedric the Entertainer and Beyonce I was like “BOOOOOOO”. Now that I know they getting serious with their casting I will be checking this out.

    (Damn I miss the smilies)

  2. Gabrielle’s role will be supporting cause she will be playing a wife. I’m cool with that though cause I like her as an actress. Columbus and Mos Def will prolly play singers seeing as how Columbus can dance and Mos raps and sings. The movie may be worth seeing but I’m not sure. This film is about Leonard Chess who was White. Brody is the star and only the chic playing his wife will get any real face time. I’m not so sure Beyonce herself will do anything more than give a few performances. I doubt they are going to give Etta James any real face time either. It seems to me this film is just a way to glorify some White guys who ran a company of Blacks. I wonder how truthful it will be too as it is well known that record execs back then robbed Black artists blind.

  3. This movie is not about Etta James it is about the man who owned the record company. Beyonce Knowles is the big named superstar so of course, just the mention of her name will make some think that the movie is an Etta James bio. Her name will help sell some tickets. She will probably have a few cameos and perform, but this is not going to be the Etta James story. This is a supporting role for her and the other’s mentioned.

    But something tells me that because it is mostly a black cast, it won’t get a lot of press or promotion with or without Beyonce. The majority of movie goers are not into these kind of movies, they like action flicks, Disney films and a good comedy. This movie will do good with black movie goers. It won’t be a blockbuster hit or break the bank.

  4. Yes! I’m glad they are adding more actors who have made somewhat of a name for themselves. I honestly thought that this movie would have been all about Etta James (Beyonce) and honestly I would not have wasted my time to see it if that was the case. Only because I’m tired of Bee doing these singing roles… even though I love her.

    But Bri, I’d have to disagree because Dream Girls didn’t do so bad. Even though I wasn’t that interested in that movie… it had an all black cast and did fairly well because of the big names you know. I think that if they write the script well and if the trailer looks fairly decent, they might have a chance of doing just as good you know.

  5. Oh, I agree, Dreamgirls did very well. Dreamgirls was a big budget film starring A-list black leading men like Jamie Fox, Eddie Murphy and Danny Glover. The studio paid good money to get it promoted and the fact that it was a hugely successful Broadway play twenty-five years earlier help it at the box office. It was a very successful movie but remember, it was only released in limited theatres and could have made much more money than it did. But with this movie, you have what they call B&C-list black actors in it so it won’t get a lot of promotion. The fact that it stars Beyonce will help and make her fan base and the younger crowd show interest in seeing it. I am sure that Matthew Knowles will also add a few dollars to get this movie some promotion only because Beyonce is in it.

  6. beyonce sucks she cant even act i wanna see rihanna do a movie

  7. LMAO @ dee…lol i think we’d be worse off with that one. She can’t even sing, let alone act

  8. I like Gabrielle, but no lie I won’t see this movie unless my family pulls me to the theater. Although I have been developing a celeb crush on Mos Def recently (No idea where it came from, but it’s there).

  9. I Love Mos Def’s Acting Skills, I want to see this.

  10. I will definately see this movie, but I have to disagree that it will do well with Black audiences. Blues was never mainstream even with Blacks. I’m betting most of you can’t even name an Etta James song besides “At Last.” And 90% percent of you don’t even know who Muddy Waters is, let alone name one of his songs.

    This is the type of movie for my grandpa to see, but he is not going to want to watch Beyonce or Mos Def. I think that this movie will do decently, but the majority of the movie goers will be white.

  11. Bri, you hit it on the head! This movie is starring Adrian Brody not Beyonce. Look at the wording in the article the lead is Adrian Brody and featuring Beyonce and the rest. Technically this is not a “Black” movie. I have to admit, I don’t know the story of Cadillac Records, so I’m not excited about this movie. I would see it, because of who is going to be in it. I wonder will there be any scences with Beyonce and Gabrielle? Now that would be good. Although, any movie with Jeffrey Wright is worth watching!

  12. @ Candy, slow down. I know who Muddy is. 😆 But then that’s me telling my age. 😆

    @ Torya, Jeffery Wright is incredibly, incredibly, incredibly UNDERRATED. He is an AWESOME actor. One of ‘our’ bests. I first saw him as “Basquiat” years ago and he was awesome back then!

    At any rate, most likely, I won’t be ‘going’ to see this film. I just don’t go to the movies like I used to. But I’ll most definitely rent it. 🙂

  13. I’ve had a major crush on Mos Def since he and Talib Kweli dropped “Brown Skin Lady” on their Blackstar album. I will be seeing this movie just to see him. He is a great actor as well. If you haven’t seen “Something the Lord Made” go rent it, you will not be disappointed.

  14. Why is all the heat on B, I haven’t even read an article where the press said that this movie would be all about etta james. They just said that beyonce was playing her. Some of ya’ll needs to get off her ass. She improves her acting in every movie that she does, and i beat the people talking about that she can’t act can’t either. At least she is trying and ain’t worrying about what people are going to say about her. Because if she did she wouldn’t be one of the most chart topping singers in the world right now.

  15. i will probably watch this. but i watch nearly every movie that comes out. but i will admit that the mix of actors and rappers/singers, worries me a bit.

  16. Like you said sean she is a good singer not a good actor. She have to be believable to me. Every movie she was in she was water down and boring. Yes she did good in dreamgirl but everyone else in the movie hold her up. Like jennifer hudson part believeable eddie part believeable and silly ass jamie foxx part was believeable. But i see they but gabbie in it i go see it. I love her in daddy little girl. All i have to say she need some acting classes then i think she will shine through. So you better hope see can ace this one in the hole. GO GABBY.

  17. First of all, Kanyade, you’re sooooo on point about Jeffrey Wright…he is a PHENOMENAL ACTOR! As for those of you who doubt this movie will be about us…you’re wrong… This one is written and directed by a black woman and it absolutely is the story of not only the founder but the blues legends as well. Jeffrey Wright, Columbus Short, and Adrian Brody are the main stars. There is another movie, however, and it is all about Chess. Beyonce’s character, originally, was a supporting character, after the narrator (Cedric the Entertainer)… I don’t know…it probably wasn’t a huge role, as she’s already started getting in shape for the record… And, I doubt she’d lose weight if she had to go into an older Etta… Personally, Jeffrey Wright is the only reason I’ll watch this movie… And, I’m going to see the other film, “Chess,” as well because there’s a phenomenal British actor playing the lead in that one too. So, rest assured…it IS about us. Support Jeffrey Wright! I know, I know…Beyonce gets us talking but come on…she’s so far from a serious actress that she shouldn’t draw you or drive you! Support Jeffrey!!!


    And the British actor is…from Boston 😆 – this dude…starring as Leonard.

    Interesting how both are being filmed at the same time. Looks like “Chess” will be more ‘indie’ while “Cadillac” of course will be more mainstream. 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out, S. Paradise, I had no clue another movie was being made. 😉

  19. Kanyade, David Oyelowo is from Boston? David Oyelowo is the actor who will be portraying Muddy Waters (like Jeffrey Wright)… But if it turned out that he is from Boston (He isn’t…I’m almost sure that you’re wrong about that OR you were mistaken in thinking I was refering to the actor who would be protraying Leonard Chess- I was not) I don’t know how exactly his achievements in British theatre would be dimished by that…they wouldn’t, would they? Having read about his successes in the theatre, I absolutely want to see him at work in this film. As for it being more “indie,” I’m not sure it just doesn’t seem “indie” because the actors are not as mainstream as those in “Cadillac Records.” But, I’m sure they’ll go for an indie feel, seeing as how they’ll have to compete a la 2006’s flicks about Truman Capote, and those (indie films) are the movies The Academy seem to coddle. Anyway, you’re welcome about the info and I agree with you about Jeffrey Wright…I think he’s a terrific actor and I will likely see both films (although, I must admit, I’ve got a soft spot for the more iconoclastic, inner-directed “indie” flick).

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