Gabrielle Union on Her Return to TV


Though she has dabbled in television before, actress Gabrielle Union really made a name for herself appearing in blockbuster films on the big screen.

However, in taking on the role of Mary Jane Paul in BET’s upcoming hour-long drama ‘Being Mary Jane,’ Gabrielle has committed herself to the small screen for possibly many years to come.

In a recent interview Gabby was very blunt about her reasons for returning to television, saying “It’s called a mortgage. I have bills to pay [laughing].” Gabrielle went on to sing the praises of fellow actresses Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington, two sistas who recently found success on two of network television’s highest rated shows.

“Audiences want to see us [black women] and Taraji and Kerry are representing us so beautifully. Television is definitely the place to be right now and I am glad to simply be a part of it all.”

Gabrielle’s previous forays into television include 2000’s ‘City of Angels,’ 2005’s ‘Night Stalker’ and 2009’s ‘Flash Forward.’

As for the big screen, Gabby hasn’t completely given up on it just yet.The image above is a recent pic she posted to her Instagram account showing off her new look for her next film ‘Finally Famous.’


  1. Why is Gabrielle talking like black women can now be seen all over tv? She is appearing in a show on BET. No shock she as a black woman would be showcased on that channel. As far as network tv goes, Kerry has a starring role, Meagan Good HAD one and that is it. Yes, I hear several more shows are set to air starring sistas and yes that is the Olivia Pope affect, but how much thought is being put into those shows, as oppose to the networks just trying to follow what they deem a trend. Sort of like all the teen dramas that popped up after Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990’s. Same with the hospital dramas, political dramas, Vampire teen shows. Hollywood is just jumping on what they think is hot. But in the long run, unless there are blacks behind the camera, we won’t see many blacks in front of the camera. After the Cosby Show black disappeared off network tv altogether and didn’t return until the Fox network was invented. Gabrielle better not celebrate too soon or give up on the big screen just yet. You know what Chris Rock once said “Here today, gone today.”

  2. She pretty as a blonde! Love’d Gabby in being Mary Jane, I’m looking forward to watching it this fall!

  3. I agree, behind the scenes, infrastructure is a must! I read in Ebony’s August issue, Byron Allen’s take on Hollywood and how people thought he was crazy bankrolling (271 million, privately held) his own media company and how they’re scrambling now. So any new black shows will also have to pull Scandal-like ratings. We must get behind the camera and corner distribution for some parts of equity.

    Good for Gabby and the hand-full working! But, I it will take ‘us!’

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