Gabrielle Union Responds to Dwyane Wade’s Newly Revealed Love Child


Well, that was quick.

A week ago Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade were celebrating their recent engagement.

Today, both are responding to the news that Wade fathered a child earlier this year while he and Union were separated.

Dwayne of course knew… he was there, after all. As for Gabrielle, she was reportedly made aware of the baby boy earlier this year and was fine with the situation.

The mother of Dwyane’s youngest son has not been named. However, she and Dwayne have reportedly known each other for years.

Getting back to Gabby, she has been fielding nasty tweets from angry commenters who were just waiting for something like this to happen, so they could say “nah, nah, na nah, nah,” on behalf of Dwayne’s ex-wife Siovaughn, who many believe went crazy after having lost her husband and children to Gabrielle’s evil clutches.

Never one to hold her tongue, Gabrielle lashed out at her detractors, telling them to fix their own lives before they try to meddle in hers.

Read Gabrielle’s measured tweets below…


  1. I don’t think this child happened DURING the break … I think the child CAUSED the break. This all seems like a crock to cover up the fact he was cheating. SMH. Can’t say I am surprised.

  2. Okayyy…And what does posting a bunch of wise quotes have to do with the fact your man got his long time side chick pregnant and hurried up and proposed to sugar coat the news of his new baby. She’s trying to bury this scandal by coming off as intelligent, unshaken and strong. Gabby please go have a seat! This crap she’s posting makes absoulety no sense, she’d been better off not speaking out on the matter. I bet Siovaughn is somewhere laughing out loud!

  3. Oookay…And what does a bunch of wise quotes have to do with the fact your man got his long time side chick pregnant? Trying to come off as intelligent and unshaken doesn’t make her look any better.

    And I agree with LOVE”S comment, this didn’t happen during a break up, he was obviously involved with this chick for some time. The break up story and quick proposal was put out there to spare Gabby some embarrassment, although she still look pretty stupid considering how she clowned his ex wife on twitter.

  4. Black women are so happy to hear of Gabrielle’s misfortune. This news brought a lot of black sites to their knees. Knocked them off their servers. Some of you here are just as predictable, mean and pathetic. Gabrielle has never clowned the ex wife and has refused to talk about her time and time again. Even when Siovaughan sued her, Gabrielle kept quiet. Some of you are miserable and want others to be as well. Sad, really.

  5. This saddened me for several reasons but the main one is because another child is born out of lust instead of real love and right from the start be in a single parent house. Yes Dwayne will provide financially and visit at times but none of that compares to daily seeing your parents together working as a team. In fact daddy doesnt truly love mommy or else he would have stayed on break from Gabby and married her. I just wish women would stop allowing themselves to be a babymamma instead of a wife. Childbearing is so wreckless these days. It has to suck to carry a child for 9 months knowing you will never be with the father, that you were only sex. Dont know for sure but Dwayne probably wasnt there for the birth. Gabby will be starting a marriage with such a fresh wound. Too much, too much. I truly wish them all the best.

  6. Wow this is really sad, I feel sorry for her. It’s one thing to forgive but she’ll never be able to forget this mistake. It’s an insult to injury. It’s sad that people want black relationships to fell. We should build each other up and praise and support each other. It terrible to wish bad for people.

  7. I could care less about Gabrielle and her misfortune, but she is far from innocent. Dwyane is doing the same thing to her that he did to his wife while she cheered him on, glowing in the spotlight thinking he would treat her differently. She’s the only one looking pathetic accepting a candy coated proposal to smooth over the fact your bofriend got his long time jump off pregnant.

  8. The jumpoff has two other meal tickets children, including one with Damon Wayans Jr. Gabrielle is marrying into the life of a very flawed man, who like many in his profession,just can’t seem to keep it in his pants.

  9. What is Scary is that he wasn’t using Protection along with the fact that he Cheated on Gabby! Gabby girl, Aids is not a Gift that any woman or man wants. Check yourself and see if Mr Wade is what you really want!

  10. Isn’t it possible both the mother and Dwyane knew each other’s AIDS/ETC status before they laid down with each other? Some of you are just looking for things to complain about. I’d bet my life most of you have laid and continue to lay down with men whose statuses you do not know.

  11. I didn’t much of it, until I read her response and could she how hurt she really is and understandably so. I didn’t see this as karma because of his ex-wife, they were together a long time and both cheated, as many married couples do or how they co-exist. I don’t think it tarnishes Dwayne at all and he’s a hand’s on father. What matters now is the future, will he cheat again is Gabby’s problem, not mine. I may have stayed, too.

    I don’t buy into “power or endless love” publicized couples. Most people have a problem having it all, men and women and do something to mess things up. I have known far too many couples or my own life where things seemed so ideal and it wasn’t.

    I hope people stopped looking at these celebrities as “models” because fame is like a drug, they’re flawed human beings, and we don’t personally know them and how their lives really are to glorify or condemn.

    Gabby’s pain is felt by many women and most of us get over it! It’s life and we all reap what we sow, “mean girls” have their days too, even the reformed ones. This pain and humiliation will pass and it will make her stronger and more whole, if she continues to rise to the occasion!

  12. I feel bad that Gabby’s engagement is now considered nothing more than a coverup or stunt to deflect attention from the fact that the baby was born just a few weeks ago.

    She deserves better.

  13. Does no one here believe a man can have sex with a woman, while actually being in love with another? I know I do.

  14. I do. @Sista. But I don’t think that it is ok. I mean, a man should not play games with someones feelings. Even if you break up with someone, but you know that both of you still have strong feelings for each other in the sense of getting back together, why rush to sex someone else who is most likely being used and whose feelings you know you are going to destroy? Using someone for sex is selfish! Period. If you are in love with someone you can not have at the moment, do not drag someone through the drama. Even if the person being used “gets around” or has personal commitment issues, etc. This situation is all together messy, and I think she deserves better too.

  15. No chick ever want to deal with the elephant in the room. Sad but it is so true. She needs to get her mind right.

  16. Black women like Gabby revel in helping their dirty boyfriends mistreat other women and their children. She is getting exactly what she deserves.

    I doubt she ends up marrying that dirty dog Wade but if she does, he’ll put her through more hell than he did his first wife.

  17. @ Dana AMEN, AMEN hail to the Queen I couldn’t have said it better and some of these men that post on hear do it too. I like Sister and this site I have been coming to this site for years. But that’s why I backed away from coming due to the NEGATIVITY some delightfully spite out! And lord forbid if you have a less than perfect opinion about a celebrity they worship ONLY due to the facts it’s a wrap. I have had people to post under my screen name etc. saying very ugly things over just pure silliness and pretend to be me and there’s one that still currently uses my screen name. But I refuse to let negativity, lowliness, and pettiness from someone on a blog suck me in. My family and I have been and still are too blessed.

  18. There are a lot of different opinions given here. In the end we don’t know when the baby was conceived. Yes, Wade has had side-chicks for a long time; he is Miami and it is very, very easy to do. It’s up to Gabby to decide to stick with him and work through it. She doesn’t owe any of us an explanation because that is her situation. On another note, and I’m glad Sista brought it up; women must realize a man’s mental/emotional perspective on sex (the majority of us, but not all) is totally different than women. Men can have a loving relationship and sleep with other women just to fulfill that sexual need. Is that bad and dangerous? Of course, but many men don’t think about that; especially when you’re a man on the economic level like athletes and vixens are hounding you everywhere you go (I worked 9 seasons as security for the Chargers and it is off the chain!). You’re right Dejavu, it is selfish but it’s a part of the “relationship game”. Hell, I know I’ve been dirtier than toxic waste when dealing with women back in the day. Instead of trying to change the man’s conduct women just have to decide what they will/won’t tolerate in relationships, stick with that standpoint, and get rid of the guy, if need be, no matter who difficult the decision is. I always tell ladies there are three things women should not tolerate when it comes to men: 1. Physical and verbal abuse, 2. Messing up the household and/or her money, 3. Cheating. Gabby is making the choice to work it out so let’s hope for the best and see what happens.

  19. Only problem I would have with this that would have ended with me is that you are out here like that. He could have brought something home much worst than a baby. You have no control over what an adult will do as much as all of us like to say my man wouldn’t do this or that but the truth is you don’t know what he is doing when you are not around and vice/versa. That is where trust comes in at.

    But it appears all is forgiven and they worked through it so now you all will apparently have to work through your anger that you have with three grown adults that you don’t know and the decisions that they have made. Good luck with that.

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