Gabrielle Union To Star In New ABC Series

Gabrielle Union is heading to TV- ABC TV to be exact.As previously reported, Gabrielle signed a six-figure deal with ABC and Touchstone to develop new shows for the station and it seems their first venture will be “Football Wives”, a remake of a popular BBC soap opera.Gabrielle will not only produce the show, but is scheduled to star in it as well.Gabby will portray and ex model turned singer who is married to a star wide receiver.No date has been set so far as to when the show will start airing, but I can only assume it will be added to the line-up this fall.

Btw, Gabrielle actually starred in a short lived ABC drama some years ago titled “Night Stalker” and I just so happen to have a few promo shots from that series. Geniet van!!
Gabrielle UnionGabrielle UnionGabrielle Union

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  1. African American don’t do so well on ABC.I can’t see too many of us tuning in to that channel because out of habit we don’t.Of course I will check it out and hope it’s good.I just think it’s potential is limited because of the channel it is on.

  2. I checked it out, I spoke to Jeanie B the casting director and they only have two black female parts. One obviously is already cast, it would be nice to have more roles available to us!:cry:

  3. I’ll be checking the sista out and I hope her show is a success.

  4. Football wives? Uh…nah. It sounds so uninteresting. I don’t like football! I want to support black actresses. But, not in crappy shows! Hopefully, Shonda Rhimes( creator of Grey’s Anatomy) will make a series on abc about black women. Like, um…hmmm….. for a example a black woman starting her own firm after quiting her job at high law firm due some drama involving a another lawyer.It would show the issues that a lot of professional black women have deal with. Like, parents wanting you be married with kids. Dealing with a society that still has issues with hardworking black women. Sanna Lathan could star as the lawyer! I would watch it….:cool:

  5. Actually Football Wives on BBC is a very good show. I watch it all the time. If this is going to be the American version of that show, then it will be better than The Game on The CW, which I do like by the way.

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