Gabrielle Union Lands A New Gig

Gabrielle Union doesn’t seem to be stressin’ the cancellation of her “Flash Forward” series by ABC. Why not? Because the actress has already moved on to her next role. According to online reports, the 38 year old beauty will be co-starring alongside actress Brigid Brannagh in a spin-off of the Lifetime drama “Army Wives.”

The show isn’t set to debut until this fall; however a special end of the season episode of “Wives” will serve as a preview of what is to come.

For fans of Gabby hoping to see her back on the big screen- the actress is rumored to be starring in “The Van Zandt Shakedown,” a thriller that co-stars Ving Rhames and Dennis Farina.


  1. love her…definitely didn’t know she was 38!!

  2. I am sure this one will be shot down to. I like her in movies, no ton the weekly basis.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. So true Tiffany, she is a movie actress, not a t.v. actress.That’s a good thing. Personally, I would love to see Gabby in a sexy/romantic movie with that the Spanish dude that played Johnny Tapiea from Bad Boys 2, they had great chemistry.

  4. Damn Tiffany you have a negative comment for everyone Tyra, Ciara now Gabby. This site is supposed to be about uplifting and supporting our sisters! I could see the negativity if something controversial were going on. But this is clearly a good thing Gabby is working and getting hers in a place where black women aren’t even valued. Tyra is in a lane all her own she is a baby Oprah in the making and that should make all black women proud!

    What are you doing… but negatively responding to every post smh! So sad!

  5. Gabrielle Union is gorgeous!! Still manages to look 25 at 38.

  6. That’s great! I love her as an actress, I hope she does another movie soon.

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