Gabrielle Unions Takes It Off For Maxim

Actress Gabrielle Union is looking super hot in the latest edition of Maxim Magazine. The “Flash Forward” star shows off all her goodies- and on yeah, talks a little as well.

Check out Gabby’s pics below and you can click here to read her interview.

Gabrielle Union Maxim Magazine December 200901Gabrielle Union Maxim Magazine December 200902
Gabrielle Union Maxim Magazine December 200903Gabrielle Union Maxim Magazine December 200904
Gabrielle Gets Bootylicious For Maxim Magazine


  1. I think she looks great…however I do think the picture with the booty hanging out is a bit much…but sex sells in this world…so I’m really not surprised

  2. I’m not too fond of that magazine. Ughh. But I guess she has bills to pay

  3. Gabrielle looks good as hell. Now we cant start with the self love comments 3..2..1 GOOOO!

  4. Gabrielle is getting bolder. I am a bit shocked at the last photo though she does look good.

  5. time to bash black woman lol JK…

    this is for ALL woman

    when your career is going nowhere…get nekkid

    okay dokey…

    but its all ok cuz “she looks great”


  6. I think it’s time she changed her hairstyle and while she does not have the classic sista “hook”, sistas rears always look good to me becasue of the muscle tone in that area. She’s got a nice lil bump. She’s hot. Lucky ass Dwade.

  7. yeah her butt is made kinda of ugly. it’s kind of nasty looking. lol, firm or not, the shape isn’t cute

  8. funny how no one’s mentioning how she messed herself up as a “role model” for young black women…

  9. its a men’s magazine…she wouldnt b a part of the magazine if she didnt show skin

  10. It’s is too much, Tariji Henson’s semi nude was more artsy, but this is a men’s mag and she’s on a hit tv show with an asian love interest I do believe, great timing if she was to do it, she’s closer to 40 than not, not a mellow-yellow actress, but,still not a good look for young girls at all!

    I hope teens and young women don’t try this home!

    The good thing is this is the first we’ve seen of this and not the usual from Gabrielle. Her track record is long, for being classy, intelligent actress who have chosen excellent and positive acting roles throughout her career, an educated would-be lawyer turned actress and a real motivation for little brown girls who don’t see images of themselves often enough.

    Best wishes to Gabrielle!

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