Gaga Tries To Turn Beyonce Out

According to Lady Gaga Beyonce was shocked and a bit taken aback by the singer’s concept for their “Telephone” video. Speaking in an interview on US radio Gaga paid tribute to her fellow icon and then revealed that Beyonce’s initial reaction to the video proposal was: “What’s in your head girl?” Despite having a very sexual persona of her own, Gaga said Beyonce was still very much a “good girl” who needed to be talked into being a “bad girl.” Gaga went on to say that she eventually won Beyonce over because the singer trusted her vision and knew how much a fan of hers she was.

“Telephone” went on to snag the #1 spot on the Billboard charts- giving Gaga and Beyonce both 6 #1 singles over the last decade. Beyonce chart toppers span the past 7 years while Gaga’s have all happened over the last 16 months.


  1. Yes that is 6 #1’s on the Billboard Pop Charts Congrats Girls!!!

  2. Oh please…
    There is no way in God’s Green earth for someone to make me do something i don’t wanna do
    If it will tarnish my image i will not do it, But maybe it wasn’t her it was Sasha Right? Please… As for Gaga having 6 #1 singles over 16 months and beyonce over 7 years why are you surprised?
    As much as i don’t care for beyonce, I will choose her music any day over gaga’s but when you get down in the mudd, you have to crawl with pigs, Pretty soon Gaga will surpass beyonce in Number ones and any other achievements it’s her own fault.

  3. I give Beyonce her props cause i know Papa Knowles Was telling her “HELL NO”

    Go Beyonce, Gaga makes me sick


    Rihanna Made her sixth #1, i think u should post it because u know ROCKON And the rest of the craziez and coming for u wig

    Go Rihanna and beyonce…Gaga…HMMM

  4. Who cares about six number ones when Mariah has 18, Whitney 10, Janet 11 and Madonna 12.

  5. My point its, beyonce is a baby in the likes of them, LEGENDS!!!!! So why throw Shade..SMH!!!

  6. Girl you get a clue. Nobody threw shade. Bragging about having six number ones is akin to bragging about having 4 or 7 or 10, when somebody else has 18. It makes no sense. Stop getting all touchy and emotional over people you don’t even know. Its getting to the point you can’t leave a simple comment on this blog without stans jumping all up your ass.

  7. @Cicely

    Whos is bragging, yes im a stan, i aint hear Beyonce say ISH!!!Sista was stating a FACT

    And FYI this is the Pop Charts…

    So take yo hating Arse and get the stepping

  8. How many number ones do you have LMAO?

    That’s right None.

    So take your loser, never accomplished anything in your life ass on and get to stepping.

    Big baby. Aren’t you tired of being laughed at on this site?

  9. lmao….I love how the writer doesn’t denote what type of #1.
    beyonce and gaga have 6 #1 POP SINGLES….that’s like an rb single sweetie.
    Rihanna has the most w. 6 since 2000 since rb is 1 this week.
    beyonce with 5, lady with 2. post entire facts

  10. @Nick

    FIRST OFF!!!

    Dont come at sista, so disrespectful, this is her site…She can say what she wants

    So What u saying, Rnb is not Good enough!!!


    And im trying to be nice, but dont make me Read Rihanna, cause i can pull some accomplishments both Gaga and Beyonce have and Rihanna Dont..

    1. #1 Albums

    I can post more..but i dont fell like owning pressed Rihanna Stans

  11. I’ve been trying to tell y’all BS has an anti-Rihanna slant. Rihanna doesn’t get any press unless it’s negative, but anything positive is ignored. I know it’s not my site, but I’m just sayin’ if a site is meant to CELEBRATE brown sistas, then why isn’t that goal being accomplished?

  12. Beyonce and Rihanna fans are some of the most emotionally vapid people I have ever had the pleasure of not meeting. Rihanna garnering her 6th chart topper is news that just broke literally moments ago. Because some of you have no life and literally spend all your time searching for news on one celebrity you knew this information before I did. Why come cry about it in a Beyonce post? Why not wait to see if I eventually posted it- which I would have? Brown Sista has no anti Rihanna slant or anti any Black woman stance. I am a Black woman, if I don’t like someone I simply don’t post on them.

    Some of you really need to grow up and get a life.

  13. The whole telephone video is WACK sorry I use to love beyoncé but…. not so much now let’s say I was expecting something a little more classy coming from a woman who won 6 or 7 grammys… just saying !

  14. any body can have number 1 singles not saying thats not a great honor but cassie has a number 1 single and we all know she is a lost cause lol beyonce has achieved many great things how many people can say that they are the lead singer of the best selling female group of all time how many people can say they have 16 grammys she was the first black women to win Ascaps songwriter of the year award she has a long list of honors that surpass the rest but people still hate why she lives up to every positive thing people say about her stop hating on this women please its a shame that black women cant lift each other up she works hard to maintain her status in the music industry its a shame that people want to see her fail!!!!

  15. @ LMAO



  16. i love beyonce and rih

    but cant stand lady gaga

    brown sistas 4 life!!!!!!!!!

  17. SISTA just gave me LIFE with her response! Yas!!!

    And congrats to Bey Gaga Rihanna whomever. *didn’t read* LOL

  18. BS stop the lies. Beyawnsay is riding Gaga’s clit-tail looking for hit records and attention. She’s hanging on to Gagas breasti-sess because she scurred Gaga gonna steal all the children. LMFAOOOO







  20. These comments are rediculous, an accomplishment is an accomplishment period. There are artist who would celebrate for a month straight just to have a number

  21. …ONE single. sorry don’t know what happened with thatcut off.

  22. There she go blaming Gaga for her own hypocrisy (can I get a spell check lol). The general public is not gulliable enough to believe this story. She wants the attention by any means even its involve trashy shock value

  23. Bey really needs to cut the goody two shoes act.

    First she blamed her freakiness on her so called alter ego. Ok well Sasa is supposedly retired so what’s up with you still flashing your ass at A Keyes’ concert?

    As for her having to be “talked” into being a bad girl..PLEASE! The public has seen your snatch more than your GYN.

  24. All i know that video was a hot ghetto mess. She know what she was doing like come on. You hooking up with gaga. You have to expect the crazy over the top action with this woman. She wanted mouth open after this 9 min of a mess.

  25. She just threw Sasha Fierce away so she couldn’t have been that shocked. Please! Congrats to them. Song is a mess just like the video.

  26. The Video itself is sexy, i’m not sure why people are crying it down when there are other artists who are making a career from advertising sexuality also.

  27. ^^I agree. These chicks aren’t doing anything that hasn’t already been done by the likes of Madonna,etc.

  28. Everybody talking as if Beyonce is a good girl. Right. Her videos are not even PG13. Some of them are down right rated R or X.

  29. First of all no one has been able to do a movie/video like Michael Jackson!! Thriller, Remember the Time, I’m Bad etc… still reign supreme. Telephone was an okay attempt but Beyonce in my opionion made it look bad simply because she came off like she was uncomfortable, at least in the acting parts. Yes Beyonce sells sex but you can tell she didn’t like playing up the lesbian angle. The dancing was fine and thats about it. If the song is #1 then I guess they did what they needed to get what they wanted.

  30. Bey and Gagaloo are # 1 on the Billboard Pop Charts not the Billboard Hot 100.

  31. @KOKO: I agree 100%. Beyonce may be a lot of things, but she’s very particular when it comes to her image. Therefore, I can understand why she was so hesitant to do this video, but she really had no choice. She was obviously obligated to repay Lady Gaga the favor for appearing on “Video Phone.” Oh well. On to the next one…

  32. why can’t we say congratulations and keep it moving? Oh and rockon not all Rihanna’s hits are her own. Don’t jump the gun or get excited. As far as Gaga turning Beyonce out i do believe Beyonce did feel uncomfortable. But it’s not her song so she can’t say you gotta change the video. I mean she still gets uncomfortable doing kissing scenes in movies.

  33. To Just A Thought: How is Beyonce particular about her image? How can you say that about someone who grabs her breasts on her videos? I can’t stand her, I think she is an awful role model for young women. I think she’s vulgar and disgusting, and I cannot for the life of me understand how the media blows this woman up to be some type of deity. Her so-called beauty is fake: she wears pounds of makeup and thousands of dollars on weaves and wigs. WTF is wrong with people? This woman is nothing more than an overrated, overpromoted video ho. Yeah, I said it!!

  34. who cares about #1 singles? anybody can have a #1 single i.e soulja boy, cassie, etc

    rihanna ain’t running nothing, she can’t even go platinum in the u.s or get a #1 album after 4 tries.

    mariah carey has 18 #1’s and even bey has 16 grammy’s and was the first female to win 6 in one night.

    people are so jealous of bey because she been nonstop successful since 1998.

    lead singer of the best selling female group, female artist of the decade, etc.

    she should keep making em mad.

  35. KOKO- Why’d you bring up the MJ thing no one on this SITE has even compared the videos.

  36. LMAO at these stans…is Beyonce paying u well? I hope she is since you’re willing to defend her more than u would probably defend ur own family…
    Anyways whatever to this story. Beyonce was just trying to gain some of Lady Gaga’s fans, and now that the video is getting a bad rep, she’s trying to change her tune. I’m sure she knew what kind of artist Gaga was when they collaborated on “Video Phone.”
    I miss the OLD Beyonce…

  37. Abomination… my opinion. I am really hoping parents don’t let their kids watch either one’s videos. I mean Beyonce sells sex for a living and Lady Gaga… I don’t even know where to start. It’s weird that the media calls that “genius”. I really feel like because of female artists like these two and few others like Shakira, Rihanna, talented people like Fionna, Chrisette Michelle fail because they are willing to wear pants in their videos and on stage.

    I really feel bad when I watch American Idol because I know those girls can sing but I also know that less than 0.05% of them will make it in the music industry. I mean Shakira has a recording contract and she sounds like a GOAT.

  38. Beyonce has HAD longevity and will continue to because, she can SING first & farmost and as well as perform which = an entertainer(it all evens out)
    Sing*raises one hand up.Perform*raises up other hand to balance out*.

    Times are different, generations have changed, clearly not everyone want’s to hear just slow ballads on the radio or at concerts anymore. That’s the reason I believe Chrisette, Jill Scott, and others(who I love) are not as noticed as Rihanna, GaGa and Beyonce to name a few, not just because they wear sexy outfits which I DO believe plays a part. Disagree all you want but it’s nothing but the truth. Jennifer Lopez was the most popular pop star in the world years ago and people were starting to get tired of her but she didn’t have a voice that stoodout and captured. But then there are others i.e. Janet Jackson who are extremely talented, popular and have so much talent on stage that they didn’t need the greatest voice because well because…she’s JANET lol

    …my theory.

  39. @17150918 I mentioned MJ not to compare but I read recently where Beyonce mentioned they wanted to reinvent pop music videos with this video and take them to another level. MJ’s videos are just an example of the caliber and execellent execution needed to do that.

  40. A number #1 is a number #1…I think Sista does a great job in highlighting a great range of brown sistas and relevant topics…I do think the Telephone video was over the top and both artists knew what they wanted to achieve and understood the route and backlash…they got exactly what they wanted or did they?…we do have to make sure we aren’t projecting our lives and desires or the lack thereof onto celebrities and their achievements…creating an unrealistic atmosphere of competition…things have changed since Beyonce exploded…now that singers as a whole aren’t doing multi-platinum sales…it’s now about the complete artist package/brand…why Ciara can get an Addias contract, be a muse for Gucci, verizon, etc, why Ashanti’s career is still thriving and others…why Jay-z partnered with live nation for 150 million…so artists selling millions is still important, but the industry need artists to build strong brands that will prove to be quite lucrative…many pretty faces are being promoted because beauty sells, Keri Hilson is a rising icon…Rihanna’s brand is going to explode…selling music is getting tougher and tougher…especially, with Youtube…so it doesn’t really matter these artists’ stats because as long as they need videos to sell the song, they really didn’t do their job…timeless music is what really matters…quality music…otherwise, it’s just sales and marketing and in a dumbed down world, it’s not complicated or the success rate astonishing!

  41. Its funny Beyonce does not open her mouth about anything in life unless its pretentious (an ounce of pretentious equals a pound of manure) and calculating to conserve her image. Anytime she does something controversial magically an interview appears she has an explanation. Just like at the Grammys a few years ago oddly, she had an off performance singing “Listen”. Christana A then performed “Its A Man’s World”
    beautifully. All of a sudden on Youtube there is a video of Beyonce talking a “reporter” about how she was sick and had food poison and that is why she didnt sound as good. Come on nobody is perfect but when you act like you are perfect there is a need to explain everything. That is why I dont like her anymore,she has allowed the industry to change her.

  42. @blacksista- I do think she was sick have you seen other performances of “Listen” esp. the one on Oprah? compare the two.If I were performing at the Grammy’s I would want to bring my A-game but she couldn’t because she was limited. I study music and she sung the song in a lower key than when she usually does. That performance was still alright but nothing compared to her other renditions of “Listen”. Are you saying because Chrisitina had a great performance she was jealous and had to make up a story? No shade her just wondering.

    Anyways am I the only one who absolutely HATES the “new” Youtube, it freezes the features are different and not better ugghh I hate it lol.

  43. Oh no Get REal I am not saying that obviously something was wrong, she is an outstanding singer. What I am saying is nobody is perfect and she acts as though she must be perfect and cannot be “out-done” by anyone. She is a great singer but not the absolute best singer I’ve ever heard. Nobody cares that she had an off-night people still love her.

  44. Well I just want to say I hate the song and I hate the video. I think Gaga does a bit too much and Madonna has already done this before. *SHRUGS*

    As for people posting negative about SISTA not wanting to post about Rihanna: Last I checked, SISTA is actually a fan of Rihanna and she doesn’t run this site alone.

  45. Love the song, love the video. Love both Bey and GaGa !!!!

  46. Why does she have the so called good girl image she has gotten more and more nekkid more and more slutty, just not what u would think with talent! Sorry but my 11 year old is sayin i wish she put on some clothes! Those arent classy lil ms. perfect role model moves she be doing! You can go right down to the strip club! lol but not just that its the music too if it was good the leotards probably wouldnt bother nobody! lol But she is not the queen of anything for real u gotta hav ur on classics not other peoples! lol And WAY MORE SUBSTANCE! hehe to save face from the truth everybody now she is talented and works hard for every spot that exist on camera!

  47. I don’t know why people dislike Beyonce so much…

    What has she done or not done that other entertainers are doing?

  48. beyonce is a huge joke! the music she makes is pure terrible and childish i cant wait untill some real singers come out because she is so concieted and fake

  49. This chick just like her husband, Is exploiting the Low self esteem, white complex and obesity issues of Our community and she is pumping it to the max, Honestly How many time Have you wonder why she keeps grabbing awards left and right even when she didn’t deserve them? They are making her seems like she is the way to be to keep black women on that low level, Dumb and good for nothing but a not [Forgive my French], Don’t be mad at her, she doesn’t know any better, It’s the people who buy her music,Stay online 24/7 Defending when i could bet my Favorite pair of earrings they are struggling with financial issues themselves…self.

  50. ^^^you need serious help. you don’t even know b personally to be doing that much hating.smh

    bey should keep doing her thang and staying on top. if you don’t like what she do then don’t watch her or listen to her. simple as that.

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