Gallery: 2014 Met Gala Red Carpet


The theme at this year’s Met Gala was “Charles James: Beyond Fashion,” a tribute to the late costume designer, best known for his highly structured asymmetrical designs.

Among those in attendance were Rihanna, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Janelle Monae, Lupita Nyong’o, who killed everyone, and many, many others.

For me the nights biggest standouts were Solange, who proves once again that peach is every black woman’s color, Lupita, whose green 1920’s showgirl dress was a dream to behold, Rihanna, who looks good in everything, and Gabrielle Union, who brought a bit of edge.

Check out the red carpet pics below and let us know who your favorite is.


  1. Rhianna shut it down. God forgive me for judging…I cannot believe this negro kanye married this $&$!”:#! Forgive me ..damn shame! traded in Classy Alexis Phifer for ;)(&”

  2. Nope for me Lupita looks was a NO ! U gotta admit that she was one of the worst dress . Solange looks was also a meh .

    Rih looks beautiful . Bey also i’m glad she took risk and went with the theme.

  3. I loved most of the looks. Favs: Rih, Bey, K. Stewart and Charlize oh and Karlie Klozz?? I think she’s a model.

  4. I loved Rhi’s look, but that was about it….Oh yeah, Ms. Naomi Campbell SLAYYYYYYYEEEEDDDDD!!!!!! Everyone else, was…


    I agree. With such a dark outfit she should have had make-up that brought a bit of light to her face.

    Make-up wise, I didn’t like Beyonce’s dark lip and even Rihanna’s face was a bit to blah.

    Solange was amazing to me. Her make-up and outfit were perfect.

    Again, we sistas can wear some peach.

  6. I loved all of them. But Lupito is just my favorite. so I am a little biased. They are all wonderful

  7. I love this ball and the oscars because there are always so many winners with either great looks or performances, so it’s always down to a matter of likes or opinion. Rihanna, Solange and Rita Ora were my faves, along with Charlize, Blake Lively and SJP (sans the gloves)…Solange (sans the hair, but the dress and color, OUTSTANDING!). Beyonce and Lupita needed a double-take because of some of photos displayed and angles, they too slayed, along with SJP, Blakely Lively and others who were definitely within the costume ball theme! So many great looks!

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