Gallery: Fashion’s Biggest Night

Every year celebrities and the world of fashion collide when the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is held. This year’s event was coined “Savage Beauty” and dedicated to the works of late designer Alexander McQueen. Amongst those in attendance were Janelle Monae, Kerry Washington, Rihanna, Ciara, Iman, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and many others.

Check the gallery below. Everyone looked amazing, especially 55 year old Somalian super model Iman.

Here also is video of Beyonce and Jay-Z arriving. After briefly posing for pictures the pair went inside, causing the photogs to boo them relentlessly. Poor Beyonce, her dress was so tight she practically had to be carried up the stairs.


  1. Just Rude. What is she supposed to do, stand in the blinking lights all night. Those Paps have no class.

    Everyone looks beautiful.

    I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE the detail in Mrs. Carters dress. Yes its tight, but thats Beyonce.

    RIhanna, girl you look good but that dress is horrible. I expected more from here.

    Ciara look pretty.
    Keri, WHAT THE HECK!
    Kerry Washington, AMAZING

    Ms. Hudson.. GORGEOUS, AMAZING, Love the look. The gown is breathtaking.

    Alcia Keys, What in the leather world do you have on. Look like she about to be carried away to a meeting.

  2. Wow…Beyoncé looked flawless…best dressed hands down. Kerry Washington looks amazing as well.

    • Yeah, Beyonce does look good.
      Janelle is so damn classically beautiful. I wish she would dress up more and show off that beauty.
      Keri’s dress is gorgeous from the side.
      Rihanna’s dress is messy from the side and looks cheap. Her hair is awful too.
      Iman looks beautiful in gold.
      Jennifer Hudson is a no all the way around.
      Kerry Washington is gorgeous.
      Ciara’s face is so hard and her jawline is masculine.
      Alicia Keys looks pregnant again.
      Jourdan Dunn’s make-up is too heavy.
      Serena = BIG NO. This is not Gone with the Wind.
      Zoe Saldana looks just OK.
      Solange looks average too.
  3. Make an appointment to get glasses John 😆

  4. Bey looks a hot mess. Her fashion game is officially DEAD!

    Rih doesn’t look any better but her make up is always on point.

    Solange never fails to look a hot mess.

    Jhud looks beautiful

    Kerry’s dress is very pretty.

    Iman puts all these girls to shame!

  5. Don’t need any RANJAY I have perfect vision! Thanks for your concern though 🙂 . Solange’s dress is different and stood out and I think she looked not great, but flawless.

  6. This Met ball brings out some of the most interesting outfits for sure!

    I thought Solange looked great!…it’s something internal (maybe her career, personal life) that may be taking away from her dress that’s gorgeous…Rihanna’s dress is lovely too…just the wrong hair…a short bob wig would have killed this dress…Beyonce’s dress is ok, but didn’t do for her what her previous eli saab gowns have done in the past, but the tight gown did create a good photo op…Jennifer Hudson’s gown was exquisite…Ciara her usual beautiful…Alicia Keys ensemble was a great outfit for the MET, but should have been a shorter length because it made her look heavier and showing her legs would have made this look soar…Serena looked great, she got it right, it is was the MET Costume Ball…Keri’s dress is pretty, but I rarely like her hair…but, she’s always look pretty…Iman killed, like a fashion assassin…overall, some great looks!

  7. @Ranjay I thought the same as soon as I saw her that Alicia does look preggers!!!

  8. guys keep in mind this was an homage to Alexander McQueen- Beyonce’s dress suited it- however she it looks uncomfortable on her.
    I like Rihanna’s dress but not on her.
    She seems to be gaining weight (not a bad thing) but she needs to dress appropriately.
    The last few times Ive seen her, she looks like she needs a nap!
    Hands down, Iman was the best looking for me- can’t believe she is my mothers age!
    Oh yes- Ciara was gorgeous as well 🙂 good showing ladies!

  9. They all look great LOVE the detailing on Beyonce’s dress. I actually really like Alicia’s dress very different but great for an event like this. Iman looks fabulous and is gorgeous WITH makeup on no biggie though because she isn’t particulary “young”. But all in all everyone looks pretty good.


  11. i expected more from RiRi…..time for her to change the red hair….Ciara looked great.

  12. IMAN! <3 She owns all these girls. *bows down*

  13. They all look nice but I don’t like rihanna’s dress or beyonce’s

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