Gallery: Nicole Beharie @ 2015 FoxUpFronts


Actress Nicole Beharie was spotted earlier today doing a bit of promo for “Sleepy Hollow” at this year’s Fox UpFronts media event. As you guys may have already heard, “Sleepy Hollow” was renewed for a third season and will return in September with another eighteen episodes. Sadly, the show lost Orlando Jones, who announced his departure from the sci-fi series earlier this month.

The show is also set to move to Thursday nights at 9pm, putting it in direct competition with ABC’s “Scandal,” a move fans are already complaining about on social media. “Sleepy Hollow” has aired on Monday nights at 9pm for the last two seasons, but performed poorly in season two, consistently losing it’s time slot to freshman CBS drama “Scorpion,” which interestingly enough, was created by the same people who created “Sleepy Hollow.”

At any rate, there isn’t much fans can do now except tune in, watch and hope Sleepy’s lead-in, “Bones,” helps it grow its audience. Yes, “Scandal” is a Thursday night juggernaut. Yes, it and “Sleepy Hollow” share some of the same fans, mostly women. But that doesn’t mean the show still can’t thrive. With the right promo and the new leadership Fox has implemented for the show, I can see “Sleepy Hollow” doing quite nicely in the 9pm time slot.

Of course some fans feel like they’ll have to choose between who to watch live and who to DVR. For me however, this really isn’t a problem. I have always watched “Sleepy Hollow” live and watched “Scandal” the next day via Hulu Plus. Honestly, I only watch two shows live: “Sleepy Hollow” and “The Walking Dead.” Everything else gets the DVR treatment.

Anyway, check out Nicole below looking like a school teacher. I hated this look when I first saw it, but it’s kinda grown on me now. Nicole’s fashion sense has always been hit or miss, and this dress just kinda falls in the middle. It’s not bad, but it’s not that great either. Sorry, I don’t have any pics of Tom and Nicole together to share. Odd, I know. You would think at an event to promote the show, the two leads would have been seen together and actually, you know, did some promo.

Sigh. Let’s hope things start to get better really soon. I’d hate for the third season of “Sleepy Hollow” to be its last.


  1. Sleepy Hollow live. Scandal DVR.
    I thought Nicole looked good. The hair was matronly though and the makeup didn’t photograph well.

  2. I hadn’t watched the past 5/6 episodes of Scandal. The last one I saw was the one where Ian Cusick rescued Liv. It was a tad emotional as I feel those two characters have so much chemistry! And it made me yearn for season 1 Scandal.

    At any rate, I will continue to watch Sleepy Hollow, LIVE and in living color, so I can live-tweet the heck out of it. And hopefully it won’t be the last season—they better do right by Abbie/Jenny, that’s all I gots to say. Hate that Orlando is gone from the show.

  3. She is so pretty! I think that she’s so petite that the outfit is too much on her, I love the red though.

  4. I watch both of these shows on Hulu anyways. Finally caught up with Sleepy Hollow and I loved the last 2 episodes.

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