Pre-Grammy Parties

Various pre-Grammy parties were held throughout Hollywood over the weekend and below are just a few pics from several of the events. We have the salute to David Geffen gala, which was held in Beverly Hills and attended by Ciara, Whitney Houston and many others. We also have the first ever Gucci/Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch, which was attended by Beyonce, Rihanna, Will Smith and of course, Jay-Z.


  1. both Rihanna and Beyonce look great. Its funny that they got love for eachother and their fans are vicious and vile to one another…its kinda pathetic.

  2. VOODOO- You robbed me of my words lol. You couldn’t have said it any better.

  3. Everyone looks nice but bey looks washed out in the face. Her age is starting to show foreal

  4. Cassie as pretty as she is , has a cheap look to her, same with Lauren, they look like they could pass for groupies, Which i don’t get because they are stunning, Both outfits are a 3/5 for me.

    I get what Solange is trying to go for, but i don’t like it.

    Toni is way too beautiful and grown for her outfit.

    Serena looks perfect.

    Keri’s dress would have been perfect a tad shorter maybe knee length, she still looks good.

    Don’t like Brandy’s look.

    Rihanna’s hair needs a touch up, but the white dress is beautiful

    Beyonce’s outfit is not it for me i wouldn’t do Red and Turquoise; although after watching burlesque yesterday i do now understand why people call her a dancer, you go girl!

    Sorry for the long post, I’m pregnant and bored ūüôĀ

  5. Everyone looks good! But I swear I thought Bey was a white woman before I clicked the upclose pic.

  6. Is that a hole in Beyonce’s outfit by Rihanna’s hand. That’s not good.

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