Gallery: Sleepy Hollow ‘Dark Mirror’ and ‘Into the Wild’ Episode Stills

SLEEPY HOLLOW DARK MIRROR - INTO THE WILD1Sleepy Hollow has just released stills from their March 4th episode, Dark Mirror and their March 11th episode, Into the Wild. Both will apparently feature the expanded version of the Witness Team, which now seems to include Sophie Foster on a full-time basis. I haven’t yet decided how I feel about this. Most of her scenes appear to be with Ichabod and Abbie, which kinda makes her the new Jenny, which kinda makes me a little uncomfortable.

Sleepy’s cast is getting hella crowded, yet most of the characters are either under-used (Daniel), over-used (Betsy Ross), or just of no use at all (Sophie). The writers need to pick things up and give these characters a purpose, or just keep them outta the way of the main duo (Ichabod and Abbie).

Anyway, the synopsis for both episodes sound a bit dull, especially Dark Mirror, which reportedly will force Crane to draw on his past in order to figure out why a Jersey Devil type monster is ravaging the town. And we all know “draw on his past,” is code for Betsy Ross flashback. On the upside, Abbie will continue to struggle with getting back into the groove after her ten-month ordeal in the Catacombs. Which means fans can expect lots of angst, most likely involving Ichabod and plenty of late night chess matches. Meanwhile, in the land of IDGAF, Jenny and Joe will hit a rough patch in their romance. Snooze.

As for Into the Wild, Abbie and Sophie will take part in a FBI bonding day, which of course leads to them encountering a monster they have to fight, all while not blowing their cover with Reynolds. And in the b-plot, Jenny and Joe find an artifact and Ichabod discovers the symbol Abbie drew in blood via the Kindred Spirits episode, may have a deeper meaning than he first realized.


  1. As long as they keep all those unflattering wigs and weaves off Nicole and she can keep rocking her own hair, I’m good. Still can’t watch the show but I’m obsessed with all the stills because of her hair!

  2. That’s not Nicole’s hair either. Her hair isn’t that long, at least not according to her Instagram page.

  3. Am I the only person that can’t stand Lyndie Greenwood now? I used to love Jenny,but Lyndie has made me detest the site of her. I wish they’d kill off her and Joe. Can’t stand the amount of airtime they get. Nobody cares about them.

  4. Yeah, Lyndie’s comments about Ichabbie have irked me too. Don’t care what they do with her character now. I used to love her, but now I’m annoyed when I see her and especially Joe. They are so annoying and whiny. The less I see of the both of them the better.

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