Gallery Update: Ciara + Keyshia Cole

With Ciara overseas touring with Rihanna there isn’t much news to report on her on a daily basis. That however will not stop Brown Sista from attempting to provide the Ciara fix we know so many of her fans need. Above and on the next page you can check out exclusive high quality pics I got from a photo shoot Ciara did last year from Dubbs Magazine.

This photo shoot consisted of above 30 images but I have added only four here and several more of Ciara in a different outfit in her gallery on To view the new pics just click Ciara’s name above.

I have also added new images of Keyshia Cole who made an appearance on MTV’s TRL today. Click her name to see all the images from this set.


  1. Dubb takes great pics. Being as the mag is aimed at men I would expect them to take freaky pics of women all over cars but in the shoots I have seen them do with Ciara, Keyshia Cole, Mya and Amerie, they were all classy.

  2. I agree with the comment about Dub, but the cars are the real jewels the women would just block the shots 😆

    Ciara looks cute in those pics,

    KeyKey i’m not feeling this outfit but her makeup is always on point. Lawd that outfit is hurting my eyes :thumbsdown:

  3. I like Ciara’s pics. 🙂 It’s never quite clicked for me with Keyshia ever since she changed up her hairstyle.

    R.I.P. Heath Ledger 🙁 🙁

  4. Keyshia is a cute sister but either needs a better sense of style or a stylist to put her on the right track. Rarely does she ever look good from the neck down.

  5. Dub? Ok. Um Ciara always takes fashion risks….but I’m really not feeling those boots. They do make her feet look smaller though. I don’t think she got implants b/c her boobs look little again. Maybe she just wears great push-up bras. :confused:

  6. ciara is in america and she’s been 2 plenty of atlanta hawks games last week, u just didn’t post them

  7. January through March is Ciara writing time. Ciara third album should be out by the summer.

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