Gallery Update has been updated once again and we think the fellas in particular may like the additions we have added. We have uploaded hundreds of more images of Meagan Good, Kelis and the oh so bootiful Melyssa Ford. But what would a picture thread or gallery update be without pics of Miss Bootylicious herself- Beyonce Knowles. We started not to post anything else on Bey until Wednesday when the first reports of her record sales would be available- but amazingly enough, we got complaints about not posting pics from her two morning show appearances.So as much as some may hate her, others clearly still love this chick and want Brown Sista to continue to support her.So below we have added just a few pics from her performance on both The Today Show and on the next page- The CBS Early Show.

The CBS Early Show

Click here to watch the performances.


  1. I don’t care for beyonce but she’s on her hustle, and i respect that.

    Now Why does she look like the main character from white chicks(the movie) in the first pic. Ease up on the make-up sista. and the hot pink lip stick……..not a good look.

    Her lacefront wig looks better in the last 3 pics. I see she’s revealing her inner tina turner. work it!

  2. She told the audience ‘I’m gonna need yall to be quiet because this is for my Latina fans” She then started singing Irrreplaceable in Spanish.That seemed very rude to me the way she said it but hey.Her Spansih was on point.I loved the first outfit and the shoes she wore for the Early Show.The neon pink lipstick and red polish clash.I expect her to sale big tomorrow though easily beating out Jennifer Lopez or whatever other competition these is out there.

  3. That lipstick is screming but still cute on her.Would have looked even better had the nail polish matched and the outfit been of a similar color.Love the first outfit and shoes and her performances were cute too.She’s a fireball for sure.

  4. Why don’t people who cannot stand her just pass her by? I come here and to many other sites and ignore posts by people who do not interest me.For some reason though people who hate Beyonce cannot stop commenting on her. :confused:

  5. She looks like she’s in drag. I saw the Today show for the first performance I try to give the girl a chance she looked like she was in drag. I didn’t see the second dress that was horrible. The shoes were cute and she had on those ugly stockings. Too much makeup her weave was horrible. And why did she sing that song in spanish she sound like she was singing chinese!

  6. Its like she’s trying to make people love her music by re-releasing that bull. I didn’t buy it the first time I don’t think I’ll be buying this one either. I have the bootleg Dangerously in Love and I loved that cd! She fell off hard.

  7. :iagree: that people who claim to be tired of Beyonce should just pass any post written about her. But the reality is, they are just as infatuated with her as her fans are :booty:

  8. I liked the first outfit (despite the phose). As for her face, did she grap michael jackson’s make-up bag by mistake…horrible! That is the ugliest lipstick I have ever seen her wear. :thumbsdown:

  9. She is getting a little ridiculous and very annoying with this hogging up the spotlight gig. She is going to seriously crash and burn.

  10. [quote post=”1786″]people who claim to be tired of Beyonce should just pass any post written about her. But the reality is, they are just as infatuated with her as her fans are[/quote]

    In my humble opinion, I did not like Beyonce and thought she was overexposed and annoying in 2001. (Part of that was my anger over losing Aaliyah and not wanting to replace her with anyone so soon). But by the end of 2004 I found myself totally infatuated with this chick because she was literally everywhere – TV, Radio, Cable, Magazines, Newspaper, Internet, billboards, movies – EVERYWHERE! It was as if I couldn’t ignore her so I was forced to join her camp.

    Then I realized she is simply an entertainer – nothing more to me. And she does her job very well. However, Beyonce is not, NOT, the end all and be all of all that is great in entertainment.

    There are many talented people I enjoy watching or listening to and I accept that Beyonce is as good as the best of them. I think those of us who are “tired of Beyonce” or sick of seeing her everywhere just want more variety from the industry.

    So, as we try to ignore the B-related articles or not comment on a post, we can’t because that would mean not visiting any entertainment websites, reading any entertainment publications or watching any television at all. Oh and we might as well toss the radio out the window and swear off movie theatres in the process.

    Hate B or love B, we aren’t allowed to ignore B. Trust me, if I was given an opportunity to visit a blog or website that didn’t mention or feature the talented B, I wouldn’t comment.

  11. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a “total” fan, but I’m not a ‘hater’ either. I’m interested in her. She’s a great performer and a good singer. She’s from Texas (as am I) and I just like her. LOL. But on the whole, I’ll agree with the above…this album is just not good and not as good as DIL. You ‘have’ to compare the two because this release is a sophomore release and sophomore releases always get this type of comparison with artists.

    On the flip side, I respect her work ethic and her ability to do so much in so little time. As a result she IS all over the place, on the tv, in magazines, on blogsites, gossip reels, etc. People get tired of her because she is constant and everywhere. I love gossip and celebrities so I enjoy reading about her and everyone else…both the good AND the bad. I hope her next album is better. 🙂

  12. That cd thing is a huge rip off! She’s been promoting that thing like it was all-in-one and it isn’t. You have to buy the cd separate from dvd of the video’s. So unless Beyonce is your crack you would end up paying $27 for the cd and dvd. And the extra songs are in spanish???? Please ain’t nobody gonna pay that double, she tricked people.. to the left to the left with buying that separate. :dance:

  13. [quote comment=”5381″]She’s been promoting that thing like it was all-in-one and it isn’t. You have to buy the cd separate from dvd of the video’s.[/quote]

    That woman knows how to make money – I’ll bet my morning coffee that she’ll break records selling that DVD! She is very talented, but I’ll pass on transferring money from my purse into hers.

  14. Prettyparker, :iagree:

    Personally, I see no purpose in buying a DVD of videos that you can see on the TV and internet. She absolutely knows how to make money!

    She knows majority of adults are not going to buy that thing for theirselves. Majority of people buying it will be parents buying it for their kids and teenagers using their part time job money to buy it.

  15. I’m going to go against the grain and say that I love that lipstick. It looked very good on tv.

  16. Oh and I absolutely love those black and white F’ 06 Christian Louboutin shoes. The girl wears some fierce shoes :dance1:

  17. Oh and I’m loving those Fall 06 black and white Christian Louboutin’s. The girl wears some fierce shoes :dance1:

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