Garcelle Beauvais Nilon: Hollywood’s Latest Scorned Woman

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon best known as Fancy on the Jamie Foxx show is the latest victim of a cheating spouse. E Online reports that Garcelle who has been married to agent Mike Nilon for nine years and the mother of his twin boys discovered her hubby had been double dipping for five years of the marriage. His side piece resides in Chicago. Garcelle sent an email to his co workers and let them know of his dirty deeds. Garcelle also released a statement saying she is all about protecting her boys from the fallout of the affair. Garcelle is a beautiful woman. I wonder what the mistress looks like. Let’s hope this isn’t another case of Skankitis per Tiger and Jesse.


  1. O THE MEN, If u are are gonna cheat and be with another woman…LEAVE UR WIFE…I would rather my man tell me, i dont want to be with you..Than Have Me Find Out later and be all angry…IMO. I went through that i would have rather had him tell me…instead of finding him and my co-worker in the laundry room, getting it in….. :loser:

  2. Cheaters don’t leave their wife because they are selfish, and as crazy as it may sounds many want to keep their wife and family. They like the family life and the security it brings and the feeling of accomplishment. Many men and women don’t understand, what committement really means. When it comes down to it the sacrifices that are needed to make the relationship last.

  3. ok first off, she was wrong for sending out those emails… if she really did that. Then talk about protecting her sons, blah blah blah. I’m sorry but that is the most juvenile thing to do. She should know better.She is a grown woman. i digress.

    Seriously some people have a problem. why cant they control themselves and have a little respect. If you don’t respect the person you’re with enough not to cheat, have some for the person you are with. if you don’t want them leave them. Why are people so careless?????

  4. Whoa! What a dog.
    Jenny Sanford, Mrs. Spitzer, Elin, Sandra, Elizabeth Edwards, Mrs. Barber and now Garcelle. They could all form a club.

    Oh well, this is life ladies.

  5. Dang! He cheated on her? That should have been the other way around. Homeboy is busted. :bag:

  6. :noway:
    Men !!!!
    LOL well I hope she didnt send the emails out cause, thats a bit petty.
    Good luck to her in whatever she decides to do.

  7. Wow thats crazy!!! She is very beautiful!!! Them ugly jokas always cheating on somebody lol!!! The email thing was probably out of a burst of quick anger…….I would probably have done something similar, but anyway she is a graceful woman, I hope that things don’t get out of hand for them!

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