Garcelle Beauvais Says Faith Shaken After Quake

Since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on Tuesday, flattening buildings and leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead, injured and homeless, the Hollywood community has been active in reaching out to those in need. One of the many to do so has been Garcelle Beauvais, who is herself Haitian born. The actress, who came here as a child, appeared on Larry King earlier this week and pleaded with American to do all they can.

“It’s really hard to take. It’s really hard to watch. I mean, seeing the one picture of the baby covered under the rubble, because they couldn’t get to it… Those are my people. Those faces are my family. The worst is not knowing.”

Moreover, like many, she’s questioned her faith in recent days:

“You have to question faith, in a way, you do. I mean, you don’t understand, especially a place like Haiti. We’ve been hit so hard by lots – why would this happen? I don’t know. This is the country that deserves this the least – not that anybody deserves it. But we are resilient and we are proud. Even if we have nothing, we are very, very proud. It’s unfortunate. It’s devastating.”

And like fellow native Wyclef Jean, she’s appealing to people to contribute to relief efforts:

“I want people to give anything they can. I know it is tough times for the United States. But give anything, Red Cross, Oxfam. Anything you can do would really be helpful.”


  1. This is beyond sad and devastating. These people have/had nothing but I know many hatians and I know they will be there for each other, remember the great times with their loved ones and get over this tragedy.My mom’s friend is hatain and throws many parties throughout the year and every party I’ve been to there have NEVER been any altercations, they dance with each others wives, just drink and have a great time. I’ve contributed and will do so everytime I get paid. Everyone please try if you can to donate ANYTHING that would seem appreciated to these people.

  2. i understand her, but its apart of life….

    And i have donated some money, #500, not trying to gloat..and the people at the red cross, had the nerve to tell me that im selfish..Excuse Me…Hello. that was my light bill…LMAO!!!!..i know thats O/T but i had to let it out..LOL

  3. ^^^they called you selfish? wtf?! LOL

    Love Garcelle. I’m feeling for her, her countrymen, the human race, everyone, everything.

  4. Did she say Haiti deserved this the least? Well, Garcelle, who deserves this the most? SMDH! Just because you are Haitian, you shouldn’t speak on behalf of the cause unless you have something sensible and sensitive to say. Otherwise, cover your ignorance and ignorant statements so the people in need can be helped. Donate to the Red Cross. Its a sure way of knowing the folks there will be helped.

  5. I donated to Wyclef’s foundation I just feel like the Red Cross doesn’t give all the money to the main cause.

  6. Red Lipstick.. I understand your point but I think she meant that its bad enough that they are very poor and they have enough problems. The earthquake just adds to their ongoing list of problems. She doesnt mean that it should have happened to another country, just that in normal times life is already hard enough, let alone in times of disaster. they dont have the resources to deal with a disaster of this magnitude.

  7. @L’afrique cest chic. Yeah I was about to say the same thing. That’s exactly how I took it.
    Red lipstick, you took it out of proportion. If you had finished read the sentence you would see, she still said “not that anybody deserves it”.
    You just read that part and it sparked a fire in your head.

    Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, where many people are living on $2 on day. This disaster just made their already poor situation, worse; anyone would’ve known what she was really trying to say.
    And the Red Cross isnt as squeaky clean as you think.

  8. Posting on here does not make you a a better person compared to the next. A lot of people just want to give and pray about it. You can say anything, but its what you do that matters the most.
    My wonder is why Brownsista did not report on the tragedy itself when it happened. After all they are still our people. Did they have to wait for Garcelle to give an interview? So if she didn’t, would there even be a post regarding Haiti remotely? I don’t know, but its kind of silly to me that the post is concerning what “she” has to say “about” the tragedy, as if only her sentiments/grievances are more important than the big picture.IMO this is already hard enough for people to live with. Knowing that our backyard is suffering like crazy, and yet daily we seem to (unconsciously) take life for granted. So to make up for our selfishness, give and keep quiet.

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