Garcelle To Star In New Fox Drama

Garcelle Beauvais Esai Morales and Garcelle Beauvais have been tapped to star in Fox’s new drama pilot, The Cure.The show will revolve around a group that cuts through the red tape of medical beauracracy to get care for patients in need.Garcelle is such a talented actress and it will be great to see her back on network television in a role that allows her the opportunity to really showcase her acting chops.

For some Garcelle will always be Fancy from The Jamie Foxx Show but for me she will always be the model that used to grace damn near every cover of Essence Magazine back when they actually used models.

To see Garcelle through the years and view some of those vintage covers of her on Essence you can check out her gallery on


  1. Garcelle Beauvais Nilon is pretty but boring.I have never seen her in anything but Jamie Fox’s show and as a rose bearer is Coming To America.If she has any acting chops as you put it I haven’t seen them.I wish the sister luck nonetheless and Esai Morales is one fine piece of Latin meat.I wonder is they will hook up? By the way, I heard Garcelle is married to a White man but I never see him in pics with her.Are they still married?

  2. [quote post=”1748″]By the way, I heard Garcelle is married to a White man but I never see him in pics with her.Are they still married?[/quote]
    You know I wondered the same thing myself but cannot seem to find any info on her husband or if they are still together.I do notice that whenevr I see pics of her she is always alone- which is somewhat odd.I recognize he may have his own life and career but to never see them together at any functions is strange.

  3. I dont know anything about Garcelle’s husband – I hope not – but then again it would not surprise me in the least—-in any event – she is a good actress—- she was on nypd blue and a few other shows here and there —-good acting chops – she was a former model for mary kay – I always thought she was pretty —– I loved her best in one of the last videos Luther did (Can I take You Out Tonight)….so I wish her well….

  4. oops sorry about that, my keyboard’s error. Excuse me ladies please

  5. I always though Fancy was beneath her and the video vixen thing even though I love her work none the less. I know home girl can act. Not sure how many doctor shows they wanna come out with these days though. I wish she could have her own type of show unlike anything on right now. But it’s a check and she’s the bomb so make it do what it do.

  6. Garcelle still cute, I thought she was pretty back when she was Fancy and when she doing Ronald Isley/R.Kelly videos. She also a very good actress, I hope this new show of hers won’t be lame. I forgot she was on NYPD BLUE. I only looked at it because of Henry Simmons. :booty:

  7. Garcelle Beauvais is such a talented and beautiful actress. Glad to hear that she is getting work. It’s nice to see beautiful “black vixens” representing on television.

    And she’s playing with that sexy latino Esai Morales. I hope they get together on screen. He’s sexy as I don’t know what, and they should have hooked up on NYPD Blue. Two beautiful people should be together. And they would be so sexy onscreen together. But, as fine as he is, I couldn’t be Garcelle, cuz I would pull a Angelina /Brad on his fine butt. lol

    Hopefully, it would work out, especially if their characters hook up. I’m tired of the same interracial couple scenario, where one partner always have to be white. Minorities can love each other , one in a while.


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