Georgia Anne Muldrow Interview

I have slept on Georgia Anne Muldrow for a while, but I am wide awake now. Muldrow is an artist who challenges the norm and reminds us what it means to celebrate creativity and uniqueness. Fresh, dope, and original are all words used to describe this talented sista. She is without a doubt one of the G.O.A.T.s…Greatest Of All Times.

A Word For My Sistas: If I asked you just who Georgia Anne Muldrow is, what would you say?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: I am an instrument of my ancestors, co-conspirator of Declaime MC, and student of my children. I am alive.

A Word For My Sistas: How would you describe your sound?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: New and improving.

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  1. i just checked out her music- defintely talented, refreshing. i luv lyrics that are like poetry, not just words strung 2 gether. i will def b looking out 4 her.

  2. Love her ‘fro.

    Will have to give her music a listen. I like her name; sounds infamous. LOL

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