A Modern ‘Get Christie Love’ Reboot is in the Works


ABC to Reboot ‘Get Christie Love’

ABC is looking to their past in order to solidify their future. The network reportedly won a recent bidding war to reboot Get Christie Love, the first show on American television to star an African American woman. The series starred actress Teresa Graves and originally ran on the network for one season back in 1974.


The reboot is the reported brainchild of several Hollywood big-shots, including producer Debra Martin Chase, Power showrunner Courtney Kemp, and action star Vin Diesel. The one-hour series has already secured a pilot order, though no casting decisions or lead actress have been announced.

I personally have several names worth throwing out there, including Nicole Beharie and Lethal Weapon co-stars, Michelle Mitchenor and Keesha Sharp.

Casting will undoubtedly be the key to this show’s success, so let’s hope everyone involved not only gets it right, but stays true to aesthetic of the original beautiful brown-skinned actress.


  1. The first show on American TV to star a black woman was Julia with Diahann Carroll in the 60’s.

  2. Yes, you are correct. The last show to star a black woman before ‘Scandal’ was ‘Get Christie Love.’ I got my facts mixed up.

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