Get It Girl… Miss Kelly Rowland

Miss Kelly is taking no prisoners in her photo shoot for South African Cosmopolitan Magazine. The former DC3 beauty strikes a series of gorgeous poses in what is said to be a seven page spread in the July edition of the magazine. Kelly just released “Commander,” the first single from her upcoming third solo album is headed overseas next month to start promotion in Europe. The video for the single was shot last week and a brief clip, as well as pics from the Cosmo shoot, can be seen below.



  1. Everybody already knows this but…Kelly is a BAD sista! Wish her luck with her new album.

  2. I am so excited, cant wait to cop this issue

  3. She is definitely BAD! Shoot got me in the gym lol

  4. Gone Miss Kelly! WERK! 😆 Good luck to her 🙂

  5. Lol!! the clip is so funny!! How she can go in and out of performance mode!!

    When the director said she ‘cut’, she full looked like ‘ugh!’


  6. She is very photogenic…Beautiful pictures…

  7. Kelly Rowland you are such a beautiful girl. Now that you have a major career in different countries; you should do what legends like Diana Ross did and build your brand by hooking up with nonblack man. lol.

  8. Funny people would give her crap for dating a white man even though there are alot of people in the U.S. who consider her a nobody.

  9. She needs to forget about the U.S. and just focus on the international market. Those markets tend to gravitate towards her more.

    Funny how black people give black women a hard time for that issue, but it’s expected for black men to do that.

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