Get Style Savvy With Beyonce

Nintendo’s much hyped partnership with pop diva Beyoncé comes to fruition, as five new pieces from her and her mother’s Deréon fashion line become available for download in Style Savvy for the Nintendo DS. Are you excited by the thought of your avatar wearing a Deréon Pop polo and “D’s Studded” skinny jeans? Should you accent your booty in a pair of Sasha Fierce short shorts worn with D’s ruffle cropped jacket, or do you go a little fancier with the “All Zipped Up” dress? Why not wear them all? You can now, courtesy of the new Deréon fashions, now available in your copy of Nintendo’s Style Savvy.


  1. uhhhhhhhh………*side eye*/*scrathes head*/*raised eyebrow*

  2. HA HA HA HA …UnalteredBeauty wow good reaction, that just made my day, i don’t know why. i cant stop laughing now. wow.

  3. Haha that first reaction was hilarious lol Hahaha yea Iove beyonce but her clothing line sucks monkey balls! Lol the clothes look cheap! I can’t wear it lol Hope they look better on a computer screen lol

  4. Ugh, seriously? they’re bad enough in real life…

  5. Saw the graphics and let’s just say it looks pretty basic. But BEyonce’s name is attached to it; her little girl fans will love it.

  6. They couldn’t give them away in real life so they’re resorting to avatars??? ROFLMBAO!

  7. But dont forget Dereon is the second best selling women urban clothing line right after Baby Phat, it’s HOD that’s not doing so great but then again they’re still spending money on producing clothing so it must be doing alright.

  8. Alinafey : I love your name.

    My daughter likes scrabble so I’ll pass.

  9. @ UnalteredBeauty lol that was funny and cute. I am sitting here imatating what you wrote lol.

  10. I have to give it to Beyonce….she is not taking her fame for granted. She is going to get the goods, while the getting is good. Since she went solo in 2003, Beyonce has been none stop…even when she says she is taking a break…she does not. I guess fame and money can be addictive. The girl is hitting 30, so I can understand her wanting to get all that she can. There is nothing wrong with that. Besides, this is her career and no one is going to care more about it than her and her parents. I applaud Beyonce for taking full advantage of opportunities.

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