Getting to Know Bunny Brenda

Want to get a sneak peek at Naturi Naughton’s character on the upcoming NBC drama “Playboy?” Well if your answer is yes, you can check out the character profile for “Bunny Brenda” below.

Naturi plays the only black bunny in the show, and it appears NBC plans to acknowledge that fact with a storyline.

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who once worked undercover in a Playboy club to expose what she claimed were abuses of the female employees, has been speaking out against the show as of late and has asked women to boycott it when it airs this fall.

So, will you be watching?


  1. I probably wont be watchign because I usually forget to watch the shows I like. I’ve only recently gotten into this VOD thing and even that’s a chore to remember. Too busy with other stuff. The only show I’m currently invested in is “Breaking Bad” which is pure excellence.

    Good luck Naturi. Glad her character will have her own storyline.

    I remember seeing some doc on Playboy bunny waitresses when I was younger. Those suits so tight leave welts at the hips and around the waists. Don’t know if it was the same Steinhem doc or some made for tv movie. The suits look uncomfortable and I reckon would be at two sizes two small or whatever tightness they were forced to wear them at.

  2. I like naturi, her acting is pleasant and she has a formidable head on her shoulder; Gloria needs to realize that some women are comfortable being treated a certain way , I’ll watch the pilot if it’s good I’ll pick it up.

  3. I will watch. I enjoy Naturi as an actress…while I can relate to the feminist take on this project…but, as a black woman, I don’t object to seeing a darker hue sista viewed as a sex symbol…it’s very rare…I saw Viola Davis on the latest Essence Cover (she looks stunning!) and read some of the article, will buy it only because she’s on the cover, I no longer support Essence Magazine.

    I’m pleased to see any change, no matter how small because working with young girls and young women, it’s vital for all women to see images of themselves…I enjoyed watching “Jumping The Broom” because of the diversity of black images was so refreshing…while the movie was predictable and a familiar storyline…seeing us in a wide spectrum view is not!

    I love Naturi’s swag from the preview…so Confident and Beautiful!

  4. i was so happy when i saw the commercial and they actually used a black woman to advertise their show. i could not believe it, but i am so happy because i do love naturi and i will be looking at it just to support her. i know it is a show that some may view as abusive to the total package that makes a woman whole and complete, but being sexy, desirable and beautiful and black is a step up for a major network show who usually don’t have many people of color being a major character in prime time

  5. I thought I was the only one who canceled Essence, but picked up the latest edition for Viola D! Such a gorgeous cover for a gorgeous lady.

    I will also give Playboy a shot – Naturi has my attention, and it is so pleasing to see her (or should I say to see me!) represented in the mix with all of the other women to be “sexy, desirable, and beautiful” (thank you Surabi)!


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