First Listen: ‘Gimme Love’ by Kelly Rowland


New Music: ‘Gimme Love’ by Kelly Rowland

As previously reported, as part of her Seagram’s Escapes Keep it Colorful multi-media campaign, singer Kelly Rowland has recorded a new single to go along with her signature collection of summertime flavors.

The brown-skinned beauty unveiled Gimme Love earlier this week along with the commercial she shot for the campaign back in October.

Hopefully Kelly will release some of those tracks she gave fans a taste of via her Instagram page last year. It’s been far too long since the singer has blessed mainstream radio with her voice. Here’s hoping the acting gigs (Empire), reality shows (Chasing Destiny) and endorsements are all leading up to something pretty big in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Coolers be my jam. I can switch to Seagrams from Smirnoff for awhile for Kelly’s sake. And I’ve always loved her voice and bought all her music over the years. So excited for her to be making it again.

  2. Yay to me not being the only person who loves wine coolers. Growing up I loved Bartles & James and Calvin Coolers. I hate hard alcohol or liquor. These are just my speed. 🙂

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