Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ Album Cover

So here it is, the newly unveiled cover art for Alicia Key’s upcoming fifth solo album ‘Girl on Fire,’ due out November 27th.

Alicia posted the image and album due date just moments ago via Instagram, saying: “Just chose the album art for my new album #girlonfire!!! Coming at you 11/27!!! R u excited?! I AM!!! ;-)”

The first single from ‘Girl on Fire,’ ‘A New Day,’ debuted in late June to mostly positive reviews. A second single from Alicia will be performed live for the first time via the MTV Video Awards, scheduled to air September 6th.


  1. I love the album cover, hopefully the music is just as appealling. Alicia, is only one of a couple of artists, I`d give the time of day to. I don`t listen to radio nowadays nor watch music vids and haven`t in YEARS. Sade, Alicia, that`s my flava, especially Sade, have all her albums.

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80S 4ever!!!


  2. Where is the fire? In my Ruby Rhod voice, “…this [cover] has no fire!”

  3. whatttt????? I’m telling the the truth no welcomed here…..i’m just saying.

  4. I like the cover, it looks like a film promo shot. Hopefully, AK picked the right songs! She has reinvented herself and has come to slay! I know people feel like these artists have had their run. They have their dessert before dinner and often become overexposed and a case of “too much to soon!” What’s left?

    Then I read about Madonna celebrating her 54th Birthday and what her tour is slated to pull in…AMAZING! When was the last time Madonna had a monster hit??? You won’t like everything they make, but we should continue to support them for what they have given us! As brands, Keys and her current peers will do just fine, but black music, R&B will suffer and cease to be! It’s unprofitable!

  5. TRUTHSTOOPER… I think ALICIA KEYS did Mashonda a FAVOR!!! LETS SEE In light of having four children with four different women ..NICOLE was pregnant with his child while he was married to Mashonda and dating Alicia Keys. Not going to go into that its past. However, Mashonda is bless beyond measures. Alicia being a homewrecker because she married a down low Stevie J,,,,LOL that is far from the truth the home was already wrecked!!! ,GOD FORGIVE ME!! PRAY FOR HER!!

  6. Homewrecker.. I give them maybe 2 more years, after her album flops that he produces they’ll have BIG Issues!!!!!!

  7. This home wrecker ho is going to fall don’t date married men god do not bless adultrey.

  8. @MYSHEL

    Thank you! I don’t know why people can’t do the math on this one and yes, Ms. Keys didn’t wreck that home. Swizz obviously has serious issues!

    But, one thing people forget, my mother taught me, when you gloat when someone is going through or wait on their demise, God will lift them up, she says it’s scripture, meaning true! So when I want or hope a person gets their just desserts, I don’t gloat or wish them trouble! I know we all reap what we sow, it’s inescapable whether we see it or not!

  9. *starts singing*

    ‘Wanna be on top…na na na na na na na na na’

    Seriously, this looks like one of the photos Tyra would tear up at the end of a show. GIRL STOP! She tried it though, kudos to her for trying to switch it up.

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