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LG Shine (Red) I recently bit the bullet and decided to replace my broken down unlocked Motorola SLVR with a new and more updated phone. Now because I am not very tech savvy and really don’t use my phone that often, I didn’t really look for features, rather I decided to buy one that had qualities most women look for when buying new things- I bought one that I thought was pretty (lol). Yep, my sleek new $319.00 (before tax) phone is none other than the LG Shine- the red one y’all. This phone is so cute. It is a slider phone that has the basis stuff phones have camera, video, mp3 player- but most of all ladies- are you sitting down? This baby has a mesmerizing 2.2 wide mirror LCD- that means when idle you can check your make-up with this cute little thingy because it turns into a mirror. This feature alone sold me on the phone.

Sadly (you didn’t think was going to be a happy story did you), someone should have told me that you don’t buy a phone because it’s pretty. My LG Shine is a clunker. Not in the sense that it is a crappy phone- it’s quite snazzy actually- my problem with the phone is the joystick in the middle. It’s quite sharp and actually hurts my thumb. Because of that, I am not so happy with my new fancy phone and wish I hadn’t made such an impulsive buy. Yes the phone is pretty and outfitted with a lot of sweet extras, but like I said- I rarely if ever actually use my phone. As a matter of fact, I use my phone so infrequently that I often forget the number when I have to give it out.

Btw, I am writing this post at 4:28am because I couldn’t sleep. I just finished texting on this lousy phone and was so disgusted that I got up and came online looking for something else. That’s when I came across the pink iPhone and the gold LG 310/320. Both of these phones are made for women and the LG actually has a number of female applications – shopping list, fragrance type and a calorie consumption meter.

When I saw these phones I felt a bit better about my impulse buy because it showed me that other women clearly think as I do or else phones and other gadgets wouldn’t be made specifically for us. Granted, a pink phone is a bit much and somewhat “kiddy” looking- but a gold phone with a calorie consumption meter is fa damn sho worth trying out (LOL).


  1. You bought a phone because it was pretty? Me too. 😆 The Motorola KRZR. No one had one and it was so sleek and sexy. Unfortunately it was a hunk of junk too and I don’t even think they are sold anymore :thumbsdown:

  2. Stephanie it is not just you or women who do this so don’t fool yourself. Men are the biggest consumers of cell phones and the minute a new fancy one is released they are the first to run out and buy it. Men wanted the IPhone because it was unique looking. They wanted to stand out and have the latest IN toy so they could look cool to their friends. The only diffference between men and women is that we admit that we want something because it is cool and slick and pretty looking. While men try to hide behind features and specifications when in reality they just want something as cool and slick looking as we do.

  3. We ladies love our gizmos and gadgets as much as the fellas do but :lol2: at buying a phone because it has a mirror. Girl you bought a $300 mirror when you could have gotten one for $3 :lol2:

  4. I have an LGChocolate….and it’s red. :brownsista:

    I got a good deal on it! LOL. It’s similar to this slide thing; touch activated. It can be really sensitive and when you’re on the phone your face touching it could open up something new. LOL.

    I think that mirror thing is pretty…well, it’s a trick. LOL. Think about it. If you have your celly with the mirror in your purse, you probably have a makeup/powder compact with a mirror in their too. Those bastids! Targeting us womenfolk! LOL.

    Enjoy your new phone. I love my Chocolate even though it’s outdated now (see LGShine ha ha). I want a Trio or a Blackberry. Something…bigger. :brownsista: But it’ll be awhile before I splurge on another.

  5. I wanted a Trio or Blackberry too but if I had to choose one I would go with the Trio. The latest Blackberry, the Pearl is so damn small and the keys are too close together. I think I want something this time with a full Qwerty keypad.

  6. What ever you do don’t waste your money on a Blackberry7130e. ~you can’t take pictures or videos~

  7. Anyone have the Blackjack II? I want a smartphone but not really the huge chunkster kind. I have a RAZR Vxx that I got as a gift last year, but I want something that does more with a bigger screen and full Keyboard. That slide phone is cute, but every time I see those tiny buttons (that I guess made the guy at the booth say the phone looks like me), I can’t imagine using it.

  8. My husban has a blackjack majesa,i must say that to imo the razor is the biggest Scam of the century after an certain person whom i won’t name
    Voice has a razor (a pink) and i have a pink blackberry pearl and an ipod and a camera and a dvd player .I love gadgets and i’m sorry you got “punked” if you need me to come help you jump the sellers 😉

  9. $319.00! Now whatcha gonna do when that bad baby goes on sale for $29.99 in a few months :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: (just messing witcha, Stephanie) :lol2:

  10. Yeah, I think the RAZR is overrated too. It looks cool, but the battery life is horrible and it drops calls sometimes. I remember how much I thought I had a Blackjack in that box…but instead found the RAZR but was happy to get it. I was looking at phones in the mall and the guy tried to tell me just how great the NEW Razr is how much better it is than the OLD Razr. I was like 😐 …You’ve got balls to try and trick me in public, sir.

    How’s the Blackberry? Better than the Blackjack?

  11. Majesa, I usually don’t buy things like cell phones on impulse, but obviously goofed this time. Usually I always, always, always, go online to read reviews before I buy a cell and you should do the same. I have been contemplating selling my Shine and getting the Blackberry Pearl but reviews on At&t’s site say that the middle joystick breaks easily.

    Funny thing though, I have read nothing but glowing reviews about the Shine. Not one other person besides me complained about the joystick hurting their finger. I dunno- maybe it’s just me. Either way, Just like Dana, I want a phone with a Qwerty keypad. I wish At&t had the Sidekick.

  12. [quote comment=”23055″]$319.00! Now whatcha gonna do when that bad baby goes on sale for $29.99 in a few months :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: (just messing witcha, Stephanie) :lol2:[/quote]
    I’m not under contract to At&t so my chances of ever getting the phone for $29.99 were slim to none. That’s why I had been buying unlocked phones, which retail for half the price of regular cell phones.

  13. I’m a heavy researcher, too. No matter what I’m buying, I hit the web pretty hard looking for info and opinions. But sometimes I like to really get a good look at the selection with my own eyes and decide.

    Although apparently even if you had looked online, it would’ve done zero good. I don’t know the deal of buying unlocked phones, but I’m going to look into it if it means I can get a good deal without selling AT&T my soul for two years.

  14. You know what, I got this shocking news from engadget:

    A recent study concluded that (young) males are more likely to buy cellphones as fashion accessories than their female counterparts, who were stated to look first towards safety and security. So the men are seeking status and the women are practical and seek security? What is this, a beginner’s course on gender stereotyping?


  15. Here’s another fact from research conducted by Nasar, Peter Hecht of Temple University in Philadelphia and Richard Wener of Brooklyn Polytechnic University in New York

    Especially for women, cell phones offer a sense of security that may make them more willing to put themselves in risky situations,”

    Nasar revealed most mobile-phone users felt somewhat or a lot safer with cell phones when walking alone at night. Women reported feeling a greater boost in safety when holding a cell phone compared with males. The second survey showed 42 percent of women reported that with a cell phone they had walked someplace after dark where they wouldn’t normally go, while just 28 percent of men reported such late-night treks.

  16. 42 percent of women reported that with a cell phone they had walked someplace after dark where they wouldn’t normally go, while just 28 percent of men reported such late-night treks.

    that’s true……I now live in Philadelphia after living in Connecticut all my life; (Lots of drug addicts who will put a gun to you for $5.) Before I start walking I dial 911 so all i will have to do is press one button if need be. Thank goodness for cell phones. I could’nt Imagine being an adult in the 80’s having to run to the nearest payphone for help.

  17. I am a sucker when it comes to cellphones. I am with Alltel now, which their phones are very ugly, and I just purchased the cheapest phone they had, which was .99 cents. After several months, I bought the blackberry 8830 from ebay and I love it. I had the BB pearl when I T-mobile and i enjoyed the phone then. I guess I like more because of the popularity of the phone. It doesn’t have a camera, but I don’t take pics with my phone anyway. I look for MP3 Player, internet access and I can use the BB as a modem for my laptop.

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