“Girls” Not Ruling the World

It appears Beyonce’s fans were right to worry incessantly about the chart performance of the singer’s new single “Run the World (Girls).” According to Billboard, and my own ability to read the iTunes chart for myself, “Girls” is off to a very rocky start. After its Friday morning release, the song slowly made its way up to #5 before eventually dropping out of the top 10 altogether.

The song presently sits at #12 #21 #24 and seems to in part to be suffering from not only poor reviews, but poor radio play as well. In contrast, recent singles from some of Beyonce’s contemporaries (Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna) have all debuted inside the top 10 within minutes of being released and hit the #1 spot within hours.

Not all is bad however in the land of Knowles. “Girls” has done extremely well overseas, hitting the top spot in several countries, including Spain. The video has also yet to be released and if previous Beyonce videos are any indication, it will add greatly to the overall appeal of the single.

In the meantime, you can always help “Girls” climb the charts by buying multiple copies like her devoted fans did. Most were so worried they purchased as many as 50 copies and gifted them to fans, which helps bypass iTunes 3 download limit per track.


  1. The song is garbage! I think all the hype of her saying it was going to be dfferent and it sounds like all the other things she has done and other artist as well, come on how old is do these ladies run this mutha, goodness gracious a real writer please go help beyonce and her team! The song is horrible!!!! On a positive note maybe this train wreck will hurry the reunion up with Destiny child and I hope they add the originals!!! The original group will always be my favorite!

  2. Nobody is checking for Destiny’s Child, esp the pre-Say My Name version.

    I HATE when ppl buy multiple copies of the same single!! That’s how all the other artists grasped their #1s, which isn’t fair in the least.

    This is a perfect example of how cheating still won’t snatch that #1 spot, so everyone, do yourselves a favor and spend your money in other ways. Not tryna be a Suzie Orman knock-off but srsly, you’re wasting your change.

    Hoping the best for Bey. Love the song (upon first listen of the demo no less). Can’t count her out so early in the game. The public has spoken though, and some of their points are valid ones. Good luck girl.

  3. “Most were so worried they purchased as many as 50 copies and gifted them to fans, which helps bypass iTunes 3 download limit per track.”

    THAT is doing THE MOST. As much as I love the song, I didn’t even buy one copy. Maybe I’m contributing to her downfall on Itunes =/ lol

    Why are ppl so pressed?? I read that “Rihanna stans/Gaga Stans” are grouping together and giving Bey’s song low ratings on Itunes over and over again. That’s just spiteful. People need to just purchase the album/single (or not) and call it a day instead of competing in this imaginary race we call celebrity access.

  4. if the song sucks it sucks, come again. What’s the problem???

    Fandom in this era is doing waaaay too much, instead of just rating the music on musical merit fans team up to destroy other competing artist. I’ve never worried about how many albums or downloads were sold for my fav artist as long as I had new music from them that’s all i needed. folks buying multiple copies to boost stats, that’s some wack ish!!

  5. Brown Sista! I thought that you made a mistake and put a pic of Kim Kardashian in a turban!

    Where I’m at the song is already playing like 10 times each hour- I think that after the video drops it will do better.

  6. OMG, that does look a bit like Kim.

    I got it from iTunes though. If you open it up that is the pic on their front page advertising the new song.

  7. Who Run the World? (Rihanna) #The only one that you’ll ever love! >;D

  8. That is just sad. Her song sucks, like many of her songs. So what? artists make bad songs! Her fans are psychotic! I don’t understand why ppl insist on forcing Beyonce’s music on others if it isn’t good.

  9. Love the turban. As for the state of the song on the charts, “thems the breaks”. *shrugs*

    I think it will do better when there’s a visual… Good luck to her.

  10. Classic Tale of people that can dish but can’t take any. beyonce crazies are NOTORIOUSLY know for raining hell upon other artists they feel is bey once’s competition so if Gaga and rihanna’s fans are ganging on them , i say let them, Maybe once they get a taste of their own medicine, They will SIT DOWN somewhere, they really need to be taught a lesson, it’s sad that beyonce is the one that gets it tho .

    As for the single, NOBODY should put out such a whack song and get away with it, NOBODY, Hopefully her second single will be better.

    Ps: Sista Beyonce fans only care about US sales 🙂

  11. Beyonce will be fine at the end of the day and she will find a way for the general public to like this song. Its only a matter of time.

  12. i dont like the song it gave me a headache. i have been waiting for Ka-Licious from philly to make her debut her live performance was on point I like new female rnb artist

  13. The song sux thats why! I am completely over Beyonce and her counterparts. I only listen to meaningful, timeless music now.

  14. I don’t know if this will be a number 1 hit, but don’t count it out just yet, there’s still a video that has to be released. For some reason I think Beyonce knows this song wasn’t her full potential and just released it to see “what if”… I still can’t wait for the album.

  15. I’m sure the song will perform well after Beyonce starts promoting it as far as Performances and stuff like that. Single Ladies debuted at #72 on billboard hot 100 and it didnt do good on itunes until the video cameout.And the radio ads for the song is for April 26th which is today. So only time will really tell.

  16. I love everything about RTW Bey.
    It will be my graduation anthem this year. Don’t rush anything for anybody HoneyBey. Let those who love it enjoy every step. The video and the future performances will only serve as bonuses for me.

    Eventhough I love Bey’s music so much, I’ve yet to purchase her records or her singles on iTunes. I can’t call myself a fan :-(. Hopefully, I get to purchase The Beyonce Experience, The I Am Tour, and this upcoming one in the near future.

  17. For someone who is suppose to be the baddest chick in the game, this single is horrible! Her music should have matured by now but she keeps putting out this bubblegum pop mess to appease the younger audience. Bey needs to evolve & come out with some REAL new sound or she’s gonna find herself at the back of the pack.

  18. Yea I don’t think this is 1 of her better singles. IMO “Single Ladies” was better & THAT 1 wasn’t a fav of mine either. HOWEVER, I am a little surprised that the song hasn’t done so well thus far. The Beyonce brand sells whether it’s good or bad. So yea even tho this isn’t something to die over, it IS strange for a lady who can sell used coal in front of Wal mart & people will think it’s great lol. Guess a lot of her die hards aren’t really feeling it either. Maybe a visual will help. But I am more than sure in the long run, this will be nothing but a speed bump in Beyonce land.

  19. I just think people are TIRED of her. We need a break. She needs to back off or the public is gonna make her sit down somewhere.

    The bigger issue is she needs to start crafting real albums. I feel like she just cranks out material with no thought or concept.

  20. Bore Bey been washed up. Every album has decreased in sales. She has only had one #1 single off the recent releases. She’s old and old news.


  21. LOL @ needing a video to push a song. We’re talking about BeySus!!!!!! She shouldn’t need help. But on the downside of her career, she is not struggling and begging for collaborations. LMFAOOOOOOOOOo

  22. I agree with you, Blame It on the Rain. I can barely stand Single Ladies but can see that it’s a good pop song, but Run the World (Girls) just isn’t. Or isn’t for a lead single. Beyonce is definitely going to have to carry this song through with a visual.

    I also agree with you, Love. She needs material with thought and concept, and I’m sorry, if she thought, I Am…Sasha Fierce was it, I have to disagree. That album was all over the place, and a good half of it could have been cut out. At this stage in her career (as well as in Britney’s) she needs deeper songs that resonate. I get that the dance scene is all the rage now, but timeless albums always prevail. It’s like her songs get louder and louder without actually saying anything. And for a song all about women running the world, I hate the line, “I’m just playing, I hope you still like me,” or whatever it is she’s saying to her man. One step forward, one step back for Beyonce.

  23. Rockon: You are a die hard rihanna fan right> Beyonce was once 23 sought after, and considered the hottest thing walking like rihanna, so do not be happy for the misfortune of another, it could happen to rihanna to have a song that flop, then what? you take fandom WAY too far.

  24. Well, I am sure she will do well. She has always had a strong team coming up with some groundbreaking moves in her career. I believe she still has that team and support from her label. Many say it was her dad that made her the great artist she has become. But, if he had it going on like that why are his other artists singing in garages with cds that goes straight to the trashcans? Its all the work of Beyonce and that extroidinary team making the right moves in her career. Anywhoo, I am not a fan nor have I ever been one or see myself becoming one. So, I am sooooo glad I don’t worship celebrities and tie my self worth to their success. If Beyonce or Rihanna or Gaga has number one success and makes a boatload of money, my life will continue at the pace its going without so much as a glance or nod from them much less any gifts or payments from them. Enjoy your favorite entertainment, worship God/Jesus and build YOUR life/success plan. Stop building others up while you sink further. SMDH!

  25. It doesn’t matter if you hate, you took ypour time to read the article, you even took took your time to write a hateful message on a blog. Let’s face it, what artist today need is you to take your time and talk about them, that keeps them in the spotlight. Music is about to make you feel something, ehatever if it’s good or bad. And greatness can not come by play it safe all the time, in order to reach the top in your in life(job you have to take risks. Yhat is the main thing in my opinion. She took a risk on this, I love it the song. Remember to thank Beyonce Brown Sista, let’s face it she keeps your blog relevant. I have never seen more activity on any of your “news” than when your write about Beyonce.
    Many people react, and good or bad, that is how we keep an artist alive. And than you for keeping Beyonce alive as an artist, she makes me feel good with her music. If it’s something I don’t like, i don’t take my time to hate on blogs. I simple put my energy at something that makes me feel good.
    Just saying….

  26. and i was drunk as hell writing that, so sorry for the wrong spelling haah 🙂

  27. IDK, I just honestly think that people have been waiting so long for Beyonce to “fail” at something, so right now since the song isn’t doing what it’s expected, their having a field day. But this is only one song out of atleast about 13 or so, and she hasn’t even started performing the hell out of it yet so…it’s still too early to tell.

  28. Someone above said that this site needs Beyonce (posts) to stay relevant…


    Not true. Regular commenters who love the site and visit and comment and dialogue with one another daily keep this blog “relevant”, as was said.

    Last I checked, BKC aint the onliest “brownsista” other brownsistas talk about/critique/uplift/support/etc. and she’s certainly not the only one this site supports. Signed, a fan/commenter/supporter of Brownsista.com for forever 😛

  29. I think part of the problem is that people who worked with Beyonce on this album hyped up her new stuff so much saying she was going to truly change the music scene and this album was going to put her in a league of her own. So people were expecting a completely different sound and something truly creative. Basically this song doesn’t live up to the hype. It is not the worst song ever but with the way UK artists and some of Bey’s contemporaries are making their mark on the US charts we expected more from Bey. One song doesn’t make an album so I don’t see this as a big deal and by the time the video comes out and performances, Bey will probably have the chart position she wants.

  30. @Love… couldn’t agree w/ you more

    @Ella Umbrella… very well said & so true

    @Kanyade… co sign

  31. People don’t want to see Beyonce fail. They want to see her rude stans brought down a peg or two. They are sick people. Did you all see the comment one of them made to Jennifer Hudson on Twitter? They said Beyonce ”
    Beyonce is able to hang out with her nephew, too bad we can’t say the same about you.”

  32. It was a Janet fan that said that to Jennifer, trying to start shit. Do you know other people’s fans have wished death on Beyonce and her family members? People saying that they wished she broke her neck that time she fell down the stairs. You acting like other people fans always say only good things. GTFOH with that nonsense.

  33. Gaga fans calling both Beyonce and Rihanna niggers, but yall probably cool with that.

  34. Beyonce’s song is going to be in the top 5-10 in worldwide sales overall. That sounds pretty good to me. She has not given one performance, no video, no interviews and the song hasn’t even been sent for official airplay to radio stations yet. It doesn’t happen until tomorrow. I hear people talking about Rihanna but she did plenty of interviews before Rated R was released and what happened to her first single the Wait Is Ova? Did it even chart at all. She had a video for it. So I would keep that in mind.

  35. Gaga fans calling both Beyonce and Rihanna niggers, but yall probably cool with that.

    It is funny you would say that because I tweeted the other day how Beyonce stans are saying the same thing about black people who don’t like Beyonce’s new song. Her message board is full of nigger and coon remarks. I had quite a few directed at me via Twitter.

    Beyonce has a gang of racist light skin black females fan who have superiority complexes and believe anyone who isn’t a Beyonce stan must be jealous of her skin color. They are subconsciously exhibiting their own internal racism through Beyonce.

    If your goal was to make sistas feel like they should support Beyonce because racists Gaga and Britney fans want her to fail, it won’t work. I have learned first hand that the Bey stans have no problem using racist lingo against blacks either when it suits them.

  36. Also, the average female does not participate in these stan wars that are going on between the fans of various female artists. That is on you guys.

  37. It’s funny that you should say that also because Rihanna fans used that same language of niggers and coons. A lot of black artists fans do apparently, which is a shame.

  38. Another thing when black people say it towards other black people we know it’s still a difference from when a white person does it.

  39. No April. Not the N word with an A at the end. They used the N word with the R at the end and they use it in the most derogatory of terms. Beyonce fans will go in on another black woman who doesn’t stan for Beyonce with a fury few have ever known. They are some of the biggest bigots you have or will ever see. Even when arguing with Rihanna stans they try and claim Beyonce’s Creole heritage (WTF?) or mixed race-ness as something that alone makes her superior to Rihanna. Trust, Bey stans are just as bigoted as Gaga or Britney fans.

  40. JESSICA- That’s just disgusting, but whoever said that will have to face GOD. And they WON’T win that battle.

    Every artist has those die hard “stans” that take it too far, not just Beyonce.

  41. You said it was a bitter discussion about using that kind of language. So obviously some Beyonce fans got sense and were trying to convince people not to use that kind of language. Why not focus on those fans. Because I’m on that board it’s about 5-10 people that do. That doesn’t account for the hundreds of fans that don’t on that board. But yeah, I hear comedians and other black people in general using that kind of language towards one another. Are you ready to condemn them. That board has Other Celebrities section, so some of the people you speak of are Rihanna, Gaga, etc…fans using that language.

  42. Rihanna fans use the word nigger, coon, etc on other boards. Rihanna fans like to go around claiming Rihanna is whiter than Beyonce because she got green eyes. Honey, let’s not go there.

  43. No, I don’t like the language but it’s used by non-Beyonce fans, too. When you got comedians like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Dave Chapelle, Whoppie Goldberg, etc..using that kind of language in their comedy routines. Maybe you can write a nice blog about how comedians should’ve not started it if you’re real concern about the issue. Because I saw many black people sitting up there and laughing at it from the 70s when Richard Pryor was doing it up through the Dave Chapelle Show. Yet, I still know it’s a difference when a white person wants to undermine me because of my race.

  44. Another thing Will Smith and Denzel Washington have used the word nigger, not nigga in their movies. I remember being shocked how Will did that in Bad Boys 2 and Denzel did it in Training Day. Those are just the time I can recall. So again you don’t think that kind of sttuff doesn’t have an influence on what black folks think is acceptable. Again, maybe you need to look at the bigger picture.

  45. Beyonce hasn’t even did any real promo for the song and her song wasn’t sent to radio prior to it going on ITunes, unlike the other ones did. Rihanna certainly flopped with her first song from Rated R if I recall, and she had done a lot of promo and had a video. So it’s whatever. What I want to know how can Rihanna’s singles be so supposedly antiicpated on ITunes, but her album sell only 200,000 copies overall first week. That’s the most she has ever had after 5 albums. Inquiring minds want to know. Btw, how the Rebel Fleur perfume doing since her fans “supposedly” gooble up everything she does with such great fervor.

  46. IRiS, album sales are 100000000000% irrelevant. Reb’l Fleur has been another successful milestone for RIhanna. Just Google for the story about its Macys sales. *LMAO* Face it, Boring Beyawnsay is fading. Her lyrics are juvenile and she studies and copies others. But, this time around she came back with a flop. I mean she is someone you stans think can move earth yet she can’t shoot straight to #1???!!!!! The girl, because that’s what she calls herself is overrated and washed up. Rihanna has earned more honors than Boring Beyawnsay can lie about. She can keep her grammys and #1 albums, and Rihanna can continue to stack her #1 singles. People remember you as a hit maker not a grammy winner. LOL!

  47. I really get tired of reading about light skin v. dark skin. Rihanna isn’t even that much different than Beyonce in skin complextion. The people who think Beyonce is better because she is part creole are idiots. The same goes for people who think Beyonce is less than because she is part creole. We are all African American sistas. I am a light skin Beyonce fan and I never knew that my skin color made me superior. Dark skin females think the lighter sistas have a superior attitude and the light skin sistas think the dark skinned sistas hate us. When will all of this end. The white people don’t do this. You never hear Becky saying Amy is too pale or anythjing silly like that. Great job people continue to tear down our race.

  48. Ladies, am I being impatient? My comment is not posted, yet?

    For all I know, there will be a double post 🙂

  49. Beyonce hasn’t even did any promo personally for this song yet and the song was just sent officially to radio today. Beyonce is not on Twitter telling people to buy her songs. Beyonce got a cross section of fans in different age ranges. I’m 25. I work and don’t spend my life on the internet like a bunch of teenagers. Yall wonder why somebody like Bieber fans can make stuff trend on the internet. I just heard the song and like it. Got a positive message for women.

  50. “Beyonce fans will go in on another black woman who doesn’t stan for Beyonce with a fury few have ever known. They are some of the biggest bigots you have or will ever see […] Trust, Bey stans are just as bigoted as Gaga or Britney fans.” Sista.

    “Rihanna fans use the word ******, coon, etc on other boards” April.

    Who are the Beyonce fans/stans, Rihanna fan, Britney fans, and Gaga fans? Generalization is not factual Sista and April. I’m sure you know this, but what is this?
    Way to demonize fan bases.

    Nice try though.

  51. Nikki, I feel you on that. White people stick together better than black people. One reason they keep the advantage on us. I look at Beyonce and she tries to represent all shades of black people. She’s married to a black man, who has always been picked at by other black people, because of his broad nose and full lips. Rihanna fans will tell you in a minute how cute Matt Kemp is compared to Jay-Z. Why because Matt is lighter and has pointier features? So some Beyonce fans aren’t the only ones perpetuation stereotypes. Sista, I’m surprise you’re cosigning racism from whites. I don’t care how much black people say the n-word towards one another.

  52. When I say I don’t care. I mean we know it’s in a different context, even though it’s still not right. That’s so true alot of non-Beyonce black fans use the word do the same. It wouldn’t be so prevantly used by a lot of black people if that was the case. Yeah, black people went from calling each other brother and sister in the 70s to n**ger because of Richard Pryor. He used it a lot in his comedy.

  53. @Jessica , They said what now?
    @Sista: Exactly !!!

    All of the sudden people want us to feel bad for beyonce because of what ? i can count how many times i have been called out of my name because i didn’t like beyonce’s outfit, AN OUTFIT, then someone else will wear it and i still won’t like it then i get co-signed by the same people who have insulted me, Now you want us to sit around and sing koumbaya because you’re hurt that she didn’t flame the chart? I hardly think so i will only support what i feel is supportable and if that makes me a bad black person then I’ll go for it rather than be in the same category as those deranged unstable people she calls fans.
    beyonce is NOT THE BIG BLACK HOPE PERSONALIZED, the sooner people will understand that the quicker we will go back to simply enjoying her high school anthems and cheer stomp to it without any complaint.

  54. Who are the Beyonce fans/stans, Rihanna fan, Britney fans, and Gaga fans? Generalization is not factual Sista, April, and others. I’m sure you know this, but how come? Way to demonize fan bases.

    Nice try though.

  55. btw: i wouldn’t even care if the song was at least good, the beat is over used imo, the lyrics are so sad !!!!!! the message i get it women are the best thing in the world who can’t agree with that ? but if in 10 years of career and at her age, beyonce can’t drop the ghetto bish act and form words that one can actually sit around and sing along with without feeling dumb then that’s on her, listen to Firework although it’s not gender specified it’s a beautiful song isn’t it?

  56. Beyonce will be fine.

    I want the absolute best for Bey. I want her on top of the best charts and win all the best awards worldwide. That will not always be the case, and that is fine.

    I hope she continues to love performing because it shows in her performances[including that of the singles that didn’t wreck the best charts] :-).

    That woman does something good to my spirit.

  57. Shontelle

    What’s wrong with the ghetto delivery of RTW?

    It lets the world listeners know
    RTW’S primary goal is to encourage women in the hood to run the world. Bey also encourages the men to respect the women when they RTW. She adds “[Men who respect the women] please accept my shine”.

    I can do without the words they omit in the radio cuts :-).

    I don’t feel dumb when I listen to Beyonce’s ghetto anthems. I interpret them like I would any other anthems :-).

  58. hey SISTA, you know what i just feel like you should not respond to anyone on this post or any of these current Beyonce posts. i mean its up to you if you want to but i’m just putting my 99 cents in.

    people are sick. does anyone have a life?? i mean outside celebrities. the last time i saw this post it was at what…21. now its 62, and what in the world are we discussing here? ok the song is wack.true. the video will make the song “enduring” for most. true. she does not care, she’s Beyonce. true. what else is new folks???? i’m sure she is somewhere doing something that has NOTHING to do with YOU. she doesnt give a dnm about any of you fighting for her. just stop it you make your self look like such a loser. why is your life so dedicated to the life of another. she doesnt know you from Adam. she never thinks about you…sooo?

    wow im so lost. people are so obsessed with this chick its frightening. would you fight for you mothers and brothers, cousins. friends or even yourself the way you fight for her. seriously you cant attack ever single person who expresses the slightest disapproval of anything Beyonce-related. btw for all those wishing bad for her. you’re idiots. you should not wish for other people misfortunes. God does not honor that, because we are a His. and what goes around comes around people!

    and stop talking about “black people dont stick together” b.s. that ish ticks me off its not even funny. you are an individual. take care of your dmn self and stop waiting for some one to “have your back”. your thinkin is very very ignorant.

  59. Beyonce had better be in shape cause she is going to have to work it like the rent is due to sell this single (I know she will pop that coochie like a hoe with three pimps to feed). Sometimes I wonder why Beyonce even bother to sing

  60. @Tutu are being really wishing bad for her or are people fed up with the crazed stans terrorizing opinions on message boards, mainly those that don’t agree with whatever she is doing??? It seems to be okay for the to knock the hustle of other female celebs doing what they love to do, and working hard for theirs, but they can’t be respectful, or even support someone positive in the same line of work making strides. They can’t have it both ways and there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting the facts out there even if they come across as “hate” “jealousy” or whatever the stans want to conjure up to ignore the fact she is not all things to all people. And, I doubt they are fearless advocators for family and close friends, and probably not even for themselves. Right, she doesn’t care about common folks, she said herself on BET that she doesn’t want her fans calling her “Bey”. She only recently started acknowledging and thanking them for their support. Whatever the case may be people are entitled to express their likes/dislikes without being attacked.

  61. #1 She is a woman not a girl.

    #2 Her lyrics contradict. The concept is supposed to empower, but lyrics such as

    >I think I need a barber
    None of these hoes can fade me<

    reveals a subliminal message. Typical of her. Just like Diva.

  62. I find it funny how people criticize others posting an opinion. @Tutu do you have a life because your poating on the same message board as the rest of us. I’m sure most of us have jobs..Its my day off if I want to post I’m going to post and what…..

  63. *posting..with that said onto the next message board to put my opinion on there

  64. Hey Fleur
    I don’t like it , That is what i see wrong with it , I think it is beneath grown women to sit around and talk about “hoes” not “fading them”, I don’t want to hear that coming from a sista’s mouth to me it’s regressive, Like i said the message might be potent but the delivery is a fail to me, especially coming from someone that is supposed to be so evolved and beyond her contemporaries, but if you like it i won’t knock you for it

  65. TUTU : Yesss ohhh my sister, you hit it right on the Nail’s head, Someone says they don’t like beyonce’s song instead of her slaves moving on to the next person who does, they attack and insult you, then you get defensive and start enumerating every single thing you can’t stand about her, and bam we are sitting on our computer wasting time … I feel ashamed but shoo i’m pregnant and on bed rest there is NOTHING else to do, no one will let me out of bed 🙁

  66. I didn’t like the song, period. I wouldn’t put it on my ipod for free so why would I spend money buying it. Plus, I think this country is “ranking” and celebrity obsessed and I do not intend to take part in the enabling of narcissistic people. I watched the documentary about the multi-millionaire who gave up almost everything he had and only kept what’s ENOUGH for him and that inspires me. I read some of her fans’ comments about how much money Beyonce makes, how many albums she sold, etc and I feel bad for them. Does it really make your own life better to brag about Beyonce’s statistic success? Anyway, just my thought.

  67. Beyonce I told you I don’t like this song!

    Maybe the video will be better!

  68. Tutu, I hear you.

    Quit frankly, I don’t care what color your skin is. If your music makes me happy, I will buy your music. I don’t compare myself to Rihanna or to Beyonce, and I don’t care who’s darker or lighter. I don’t care what their men look like. I don’t care about what Gaga’s fans say or whatever. I really could care less about all that ish. If I like something, I buy it, I celebrate it, I individualize it, I love it.

    How a conversation about whether a single was decent or not became about light skin or dark skin females, I will never know, but all I do know is, it’s irrelevant right now. We should love each other, not pull each other down. If you love the single, FANTASTIC. I’m a bit indifferent to it right now, but that’s fine. We’re going to have differing opinions and that’s ok. That’s life. That’s what makes us human. Anything else that tears us down and starts people arguing is just chatter.

  69. I think the consensus is that people want Beyonce to make music with more mature lyrical content. So I don’t understand how people feel that others want Beyonce to fail. No they don’t want her to fail, but at the same time, they’re tired of dealing with her stans. Come on, buying 50.00 worth of the single? That’s a gas bill for me. That’s having too much time on your hands and that’s a waste and it didn’t help because the song is at 19 on the Pop charts and 29 on the Hot 100s. Now they want to turn around and say it didn’t matter what position she was in she’s not a “singles artist”. Then why purchase 50.00 worth of singles? I also can’t see how Rihanna and Britney Spears fans would be buying more to keep them ranked high, because they’re not that much higher than Beyonce. Again, no one wants her to fail, but I do believe people just want the stans to fall back and accept that we don’t have to like everything she does, and people don’t even have to like her at all. It is what it is.

  70. WhoWhatMe Great post.

    They are the most hypocritical stans because they are doing what they accuse Rihanna fans/stans of doing. They are buying multiple copies and when it fails to satisfy them, they make excuses and downplay the failure. LOL. It’s so shallow of them and quite silly. I can’t imagine them puttin this much energy and effort into their education and careers, heck even their own lives period! The song is #29 on iTunes. They are hoping for a video. I feel like this she has been a solo artist and her lyrical content has been regressive since the success of DIL album. She takes too much for granted and is now paying the price of proving she is worthy of the awards and praise and if she can’t handle and accept criticism constructive criticism, then she and her fans/stans are in the wrong business.

  71. LMAO@ this post. Thanks.. I’mma bookmark this for future consideration….like when this era has officially started and is in full swing. Carry on.

  72. WHOWHATME- That’s how I feel, I could be wrong, and so could you 🙂

    ROCKON- That’s coming from someone who thinks they have Rihanna’s success, money, achievements, boyfriend etc. lol you’re a joke.


    i completely agree with you about her pathetic fans. believe me, i know how they can make someone dislike her. ppl say it all the time. and as far as what i said about pple “wishing her bad” i was not addressing you or anyone else who feels like she should take a b-r-e-a-k…a long one, and come with grown woman music. because i feel the same. many pple mention “regression”. that is the perfect word to describe her now. DIL was an is the classsic album if there was one, and since then it has been a downward spiral. but there are people who actually wish for bad things to happen to her, like hateful things. and that just amazes me. thats who i was addressing. trust me im not some obssesed fan, if you check my previous posrts on her you, will see that.

    SHONTELLE, girl why wont they let you out? ha ha

    thank you

    i hear you, but you are a little left sometime with your “hate” and its just weird.

    sorry for the typos y’all i have a headache…

  74. Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!!!! Even her fans love it

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