Girrllll, Just Be Patient

“He’s loves you. He’s going to come around.  Just wait, you’ll see.”

That’s the advice some random chick gave Emily on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop this week.  And despite it being a guilty pleasure for two seasons, it was pretty much the first time I side eyed myself for wasting 24 minutes of my life weekly.

If you haven’t caught the show, Emily is F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S’ sons mother and on again off again girlfriend.  This season, she decided to move out and on (kind of) because she’d finally had enough of his scandalous ways (Google Kimbella).

But no one is blind to the truth. She moved out to get his attention.  And that she did.  He’s currently being a “good boy. “  And of course, she’s ready to go back.

Blah blah blah.  Seriously.

Who hasn’t been there?  I’m not judging the chick.  But I’d love to personally side eye the friend that gave her that horrible advice.  Really?  Just be patient, he’ll stop cheating at some point and you’ll be the one chick he’ll run to.

Woosah. I can’t even begin to express how ignorant, careless and sloppy that bit of advice was.  I don’t know Fab, maybe the dude has changed.  But some female was watching that show going through the same thing, thinking – she’s right, I will be patient.

Girl bye.  Even if he did change, you have no business waiting for him to change.  I have a friend who has been tweeting this regularly – choose the guy that chooses you.  Which means, you should not be choosing the man who chose you on Monday night and someone else on Tuesday.  You should not choose the man who doesn’t think twice about you when you’re out of sight.  He does not deserve you.  Let him live his life out in the world chasing his pleasures.

Free yourself from the daily punishment that you put on yourself.  Stop worrying about what or who he’s doing.  He’s really not worth it and while you’re at it, clean out the house of useless friends.

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  1. In the words of Hitcliffe Huxtable, “That’s the dumbest stuff, I ever heard”. Emily’s friend reasoning was so stupid, and blantantly immature in her thinking. So, she wants Emily to continue to waste her youth, beauty, self, on some man who has cheated on her, disrespected her, all for fame, and a lifestyle? Really. That’s right, she’s not the one crying and depressed over her boyfriend. Emily should have told her, that she sound real stupid, and with that reasoning, to get out of her house. Emily’s friend, should be very careful with that type of mentality, because some dude, can look at her, and how she’s excited about fame,and the hip hop life and take advantage of her, promising fortune and fame, and give her 10x’s the heartache that Emily has.

  2. Loved this article. I agree that we need to respect ourselves and show our daughters and fellow females that we have to learn to treat ourselves better. Sometimes people can be sincere with what they say and it is coming from a good place, but they can be sincerely wrong.

  3. The Bible says that a man will leave his parents and become one with his wife. That means ladies get your ish together and the man will find you. Im about to give the best advice to Emily that woman across the world will agree with. Run bitch run.

  4. Any woman who tells another to stay with a man that she know has cheated on her is crazy. Fab can be with any woman he want because groupies are everywhere in every city who are willing to give it up. Emily is crazy if she sit around waiting on Fab to come home to tell her that he has HIV. I agree with GIGI, in the words of my grandmother, Emily better let her feet take care of the body and RUN!!!!!

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