Giuseppe Zanotti Designing Sneakers for Janet Jackson

Giuseppe Zanotti Designing Sneakers for Janet Jackson ‘s Unbreakable World Tour

giuseppe zanotti designing sneakers for janet jacksonShoe maker Giuseppe Zanotti will be the exclusive footwear designer for Janet Jackson’s upcoming Unbreakable tour.

According to WWD, Giuseppe will design an exclusive collection of sneakers for Janet, based in part on the a previous design from the company. The high top sneaker will come in two exclusive colors and feature new buckle detailing and personal designs accents.

Along with dressing Janet, Zanotti will be tasked with designing footwear for the entire touring staff, including dancers, back-up singers and band members. “We are frequently asked to provide special shoes for celebrities on tour, but this is the first time we are the only luxury shoe company involved,” Zanotti said. “It was an honor to be tasked with such a responsibility.”

Zanotti has previously designed footwear for Rihanna, FKA Twigs, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

We’ll get to see Zanotti’s exclusive designs for Janet on August 31 when the singer’s Unbreakable World Tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada.

Until then, click the thumbnail above to see one of Zanotti’s sketches for Janet. Yeah, not much to see, I know. Let’s hope the live version does a bit more to wow us.


  1. Can’t wait to see her tour costumes. Haven’t really liked anything since the Janet Tour.

  2. Janet’s tour starts in like three weeks and we haven’t heard anything. There has been no hype. No promo. No nothing. This always happens when artists go independent but don’t put together are a talented group of people to handle their promotion. Janet been gone for like a decade. Fans should know more than who is going to make her sneakers. I hope she brings the heat cause the public has huge expectations.

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