Givenchy Introduces The First Black Eye Cream

Givenchy is known for being innovators in both the world of fashion and cosmetics; and their latest innovation is one that has the industry sitting up and taking notice. Recently unveiled during the company’s press day, LE SOIN NOIR Yeux, is said to be the world’s first black eye cream and according to their press release, there is nothing gimmicky about it. The innovative cream gets it’s unique color from Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate which is said to have powerful regenerative effects on the skin.

Givenchy says after an hour the cream will smooth brighten and tone the under eye area and after 28 days skin will not only be firmer but wrinkle free as well.

All this firmness and innovation however won’t come cheap. Expect to shell out about $350.00 to get your hands on a jar when it is released in August.


  1. I wish I had the budget to afford cosmetics like this. I read on another site of some diamond creme Beyonce uses that costs (an arm and a leg) 350-400 bucks for a small jar! She says it works and I believe her because she’s got great skin. I wish I could get my hands on so MUCH of what these celebs (and rich folk) use; until then, it be Oil of Olay and me LOL Thanks for this. Givency has great packaging too on their products.

  2. LOL @ Kanyade :iagree:

    the good thing for me though, is that i hardly eveer need anything for my skin. i sometimes go w/out face cream/ soap. my skin gets bad with lack of sleep and stress, other than that it stays bright.

  3. Their products are grossly overpriced people. Plus, who needs eye cream except old YT chicks 😆 I never met a sista yet, old or young who used eye cream.

  4. Erm… Sorry but their claim that this is the world’s first black eye cream is untrue.

    At home in Nigeria, women have been using a black specially prepared cream (made from various natural ingredients) to get beautiful clear skin and banish under eye circles and saggy under eye skin for thousands of years. It’s also part of what goes into Nigerian Dudu Osun (black soap).

    But of course nobody ever acknowledges anything until Europeans and Americans do it … and then it becomes “the world’s first”

    Blank stare. 🙄

  5. ^^^Been using Black Soap for awhile now. I love it. It’s way cheaper too. LOL. I didn’t learn of it until a year ago through a you-tuber I follow. Thanks for the info!

  6. Nope thanks but i believe in natural beauty until the last day 🙂

  7. @Kanyade and Sugabelly

    I have never heard of Black soap, is it good?

    I’m surely not paying over 300.00 for an eye cream, so this is a no-brainer for me.

    Kanyade you’re right, many entertainers have access to premium products and you can tell the difference. If you look at some of the rappers, actors/actresses, and singers when they first ventured into the spotlight in comparison to the present – their skin, hair, teeth, and everything else is flawless.

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