Glam Or Slam: Amber Rose

Model Amber Rose attended last night’s 16th annual Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute. She wore a short red ruffled dress made by designer Antonio Beradi, nude platform pumps, a nameplate, and diamond studs. Rose looked nice compared to her usual exposed attire, but there is still something missing that I can’t put my finger on, maybe it’s her exotic eyelashes. I don’t know,I need your help. Did she look Glam or Slam?


  1. Something missing for me too… Idk.
    Amber looks great though.
    Maybe I’m anxious to see her switch the blonde fade to red or jet black *shrug*.

  2. She took her piercing out I see…
    She looks great any who. She must have a great stylist. That dress couldnt have been perfect for her figure.
    Also, what exactly is her racial makeup? Someone told me she was white, but tanned. But she’s just light-skin right?

  3. @shels

    she has white mother, and a father that is cape vedean (which is somewhere off the coast of africa i believe). so she’s black and white. lol

  4. I think she a gorgeous girl, who personal style involves the SHOCK FACTOR and that leaves us saying …somethings missing

  5. Amber looks good as hell. you can be mad thats she “famous” for nothing but this woman is bangin.

  6. A pig in a dress is still a pig. I can’t get pass the bisexual pussy eating, sex on your period comments she makes publicly to see anything but trash and does Kanye have publicist the things she says on her twitter page show how low class and ignorant she is. Her days are numbered.

  7. It’s that tacky tattoo and the shoes are all wrong. She should be wearing strappy heels, not pumps.

  8. I think this is one of her best looks ever. She doesn’t look wierd or stank here and the makeup is fab.

  9. if she wants to be a model i say get it girl! you dnt have to be pure soul to be a model….love the tan,blonde hair can make you 2 shades lighter you def need to tan to balance your look

  10. She is a beautiful woman, Kanye and his boyfriend are two very lucky men.

  11. I think she is stunning! I like her swagger! It adds to her beauty. A lot of women can’t pull off her hairstyle. She looks great!

  12. i don’t get it… all the buzz and reports and news and sightings about her. why not spend all the money or leverage on something… real. somehow I only heard of her because kanye was spotted with her and she wore next to nothing. there are plenty of other women who do that, so whats the catch??

  13. Anything bright light damn near white…hell she is white!! Over exposed!! Who the hell is she anyway? Did she at least graduate from high school? Kanye mother is turning over in her grave. Please go back and get Alexa…you know your mother was crazy about you being with Alexa..

  14. @myshel-but now alexa look like she’s gone crazy take a look for yourself.

  15. @baron=kanye and his boyfriend?? i don’t know if that’s a typo but if it isn’t that’s funny lol. IS kanye gay?? of course not, he’s just bisexual. So is she-orgy galore ova there probably.

  16. @12356-im adding mo numbers 2 ur name lol but seriously i had 2 look up alexis after ur comment-yes-the girl gone mad. i don’t know if that was her before the breakup, but a hot mess. She is pretty tho, and even if she don’t got style, at least she’s covered up.

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