Glam Or Slam: Meagan Good

Last night Meagan Good attended the Grand Opening of Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas hosted by Diddy. She wore a white tank with a very exposed lace bra underneath, distressed jeans, with black lace up booties. Her look is slowly changing from CLASSY to TRASHY. Did she look glam or slam?


  1. I have that same shirts it’s from urban outfitters. Her bra isn’t holding up her girls very well but she still looks cute

  2. This Is SLAM….I can see the look she was goin’ for but she mind as well came with just her bra on (no homo)

  3. SLAM 🙁

    She’s a beautiful, sexy woman and as stated, her look is becoming unclassy each time I see shots of her as of late. It’s rather disappointing *tear*. She’s now in third place as my girl crush…

  4. Is she smoking? She looks tired and so do the “girls”.

    Not a good look at all.

  5. SLAM. she’s never been the “best dressed” but this is just brodering on ridiculous. *smdh*

  6. Megan is naturally beautiful and her body is great…Unfortunately this outfit sucks! I dont understand it, and she can do much better! Her weave, makeup, and clothes are dreadful!!!!! All she needs is some blond weave to top it off…….super clownola!

  7. Very pretty girl – just needs a new stylist and make up artist.

  8. I gotta Slam too. Why does her bra need to be revealed? it doesnt look nice.

    And I agree. Can you say Makeup overload?

    Who’s her makeup artist?

    Whoever he/she is, they need to put lighter makeup on Meagan. She’s a pretty girl, she doesnt need soo much makeup.

  9. *sigh*
    I love Meagan and I even love her boots but all that bra showing looks tacky.

  10. neither she just looks stupid lol but i guess its a ((slam))

  11. Slam… i hate 2 c her like this, i am a big fan of her’s…

  12. Megan Good is gorgeous, and she is one of my favorite actresses, however, WTH? I don’t like the bra showing underneath, I don’t like the tattered jeans or the boots. Slam.

  13. I’m tired of seeing this pretty woman looking so tacky. She doesn’t put much thought to what she wears. And it’s time for her to retire this outfit. I’ve seen it too many times to count.
    She makes me think she really isn’t a clean person. Which is not a good look. Especially for a woman. I hope she gets it together.

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