Glam Or Slam: Taraj P. Henson

Actress Taraji P. Henson attended the 13th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala at the Beverly Hills Hilton in California. She wore a strapless dress created by designer,Rachel Roy. I usually love Henson’s look she always looks ultrafab. Unfortunately this time i’m not so fond of it. Her makeup is horrible. The thick layer of white powder under her eyes is killing me. It looks halloweenish. As always I need your help. Did she look Glam or Slam?


  1. Taraji’s make-up artist should have done a better job concealing that under eye concealer.

  2. Taraji’s a naturally pretty girl and didn’t need to over do it. The weave and eye makeup are way too much. On the flipside, if she were to rock a ragged black dress this would make a great Halloween costume.

  3. that concealer is giving me the blues. i hate when it is applied that way, there is no way your makeup can look natural with concealer like that.don’t really like the fake looking weave either. but taraji is beautiful and i still love her nonetheless! get it girl!

  4. I actually like it. It may be a fashion forward trend. If they had used another color then it may not have stood out as much. It’s difference. Maybe a little costume like, but I do like it.

  5. i’m on the fence i see where she was going but she overshot her destination.

  6. I really like her dress and she has the body to wear it but the make-up….it needs help. It makes her eyes look yellow?????

  7. SLAM SLAM SLAM. I mean, was this done on purpose? She doesn’t look absolutely horrible, but that make up has got to go. Why would they do that, its not cute at all.

  8. LOL everytime I see these picture and that makeup… just DREADFUL, honey! 🙂

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