Go Support “Daddy’s Little Girls” !

Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union’s new movie “Daddy’s Little Girls” took in about 11.5 million dollars at the box office-a showing that was good enough to land the film in fith place.Unfortunately, that was about 18 million dollars less than what Tyler Perry’s last movie, “Madea’s Family Reunion” took in.I saw the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it but there is already talk that without the Madea character folks will not turn out to see Tyler’s films.I truly hope this is false and urge anyone who has not seen this movie to go out and support it.The film has gotten solid reviews and Gabrielle Union shines in her role as do the 3 little girls who were cast as Idris Elba’s daughters.Malinda Williams, Terri J. Vaughn, and Tracee Ellis Ross are also just a handful of beautiful Brown Sistas you can expect to see in this film as well.


  1. I loves me some Gabrielle Union and will watch whaever she does.Yes DLG was good but as was Constellation which I don’t think too many people know of.With so few Black films coming out these days we have to support what we get especially if it is good.

  2. I love Gabrielle too. I’m going today to see Daddy’s Little Girls. Madea or not whatever Tyler Perry makes is good. :brownsista:

  3. I would hope that he continues to make movies without Madea. I’ve never watched a Madea film, but I went to go see this movie and it was pretty good. :mrgreen:

  4. I think people are very aware of the new movie “Daddy’s little girls” and may not be too eager to see/hear young black children call a grown black woman a tramp or watch 3 little girls think its ok to talk disrespectfully—that kind of turned me off. What is it I would be supporting…black children talking to grown folks with disrespect or young girls having perms? I may see the movie anyway—-but it is not 1st on my list.

  5. I do want to see this movie..but I’m tired of seeing children being disrespectful..I see that so much already..Children running their parents’ lives…I have a friend that I can’t even talk to on the phone because her son runs her life and tells her what to do and he’s just seven years old…He answers her cellphone..He’s rude to people that call her..and he even calls his mother bad names and she lets him..I tried tell her about it numerous times and she cut me off from time to time..What is wrong with these parents? Honestly I rather go and see “The Pursuit of Happyness” for the second time…

  6. I saw the movie. I’m not sure what was shot but the finished product was pretty crappy. The script was very weak. There was no real character development – just generalizations. The alst Madea movie was so eloquent and had a lot more depth. Perhaps Tyler was just out of his element witht his one but it needed a complete re-write. I was disappointed.

  7. I watched this movie over the weekend and I was glad I did. Although I was hesitant about it, being that I knew what was going to “happen” and it was a typical black movie, I was suprised to learn even though it was I still enjoyed it. Tyler Perry “kept it real” and Ms. Union was giving it 2 us like it was. Great cast!

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